WordPress turns 10

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WordPress, the world's most popular content management system , turns 10 years old.

Around 70 million web pages worldwide use WordPress as CMS, which has become the most popular manager. Thanks to it, 18% of websites around the world are managed .

It was launched 10 years ago now, in a very rudimentary public version if we compare it to the one currently available, which was born as an appendix to the b2 / Cafelog blogging platform. Matt Mullenweb and Mike Little were the two engineers who created it, and thanks to being an open-source license, thousands of people have contributed to making it bigger in this past decade.

The company that supports WordPress.com, Automattic, is valued at $ 50 million in the secondary market. Thanks to it, millions of people around the world can publish their own content in a simple and direct way on the Internet.

Today the tools have become the most important content publishing software in the world, and are used by the mainstream media, including CNN, The New York Times and Reuters.

Congratulations WordPress! Do you use this CMS? Tell us how in the comments.