Wi-Fi 6 is here, but we are not ready

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The Wi-Fi Alliance decided in October last year to facelift the nomenclatures of versions of the wireless connection protocols. Thus, what was to be called 802.11ax, became known as Wi-Fi 6, since it was the sixth version of this type of connection.

Wi-Fi 6, the new generation of wireless connections, will be absent on most devices released in 2019

These kinds of changes happen once every five years or so, and we are already immersed in the rollout of Wi-Fi 6. But not everything is going as fast as you might expect. Despite the fact that new routers are already starting to incorporate Wi-Fi 6 , the plethora of devices that can connect to the Internet wirelessly has lagged behind.

During CES 2019, one of the largest consumer electronics fairs in the world, just held in Las Vegas, only a few laptops adapted to the new standard have been shown. Instead, all the mobile phones, tablets, smart appliances and other gadgets shown, lacked support for the new generation of Wi-Fi.

Although logically routers have to be the first devices to receive a new standard, the lack of implementation in devices is bad news. Wi-Fi 6 will reduce battery consumption , include more information in each package, and allow more devices to connect to a network, so consumers will miss out on a major advance. At least for now.

2019 was the year set by the Wi-Fi Alliance to introduce the new generation of Wi-Fi. Therefore, the incorporation of new generation routers is the necessary step for device manufacturers to start including it as well. But given the calm with which they are taking it, it is expected that the year of Wi-Fi 6 is 2020.

Until then, we will be able to enjoy this new version of wireless connection in the next laptops of the HP, Dell, MSI and ASUS brand.