Why your company should create their own GIF on Instagram or Snapchat

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GIFs seem to be the perfect complement to boost online content. Its particular golden age is emerging in recent years, as GIFs are over 30.

Platforms like Instagram or Snapchat and social media popularized repetitive video clips that already shade emojis. With them, users express emotions and give a concrete meaning to the written message that is published through these apps.

Artists and companies can create their own GIFs for users to use on Instagram and Snapchat for free

However, more and more companies are also seeing a vein in GIFs. Not only as a way to join fashion and speak the same language as its customers, but as a hallmark; In this way, many brands are configuring their own GIFs.

Attention is drawn to these icons from all sectors, although it is beverages and cosmetic products that have previously launched into the creation of their own content: Coca-Cola, Ron Malibu, Benefit Cosmetics …

These companies partner with fashion platforms in this field, Instagram and Snapchat, to promote their brand through GIFs. Users can include them in a limited way in their own Stories, creating unique content.

The idea is that it is easier to communicate feelings through GIF images than through the yellow faces of emojis.

The vein that for Instagram and Snapchat is assuming the entry of custom GIFs and stickers is recent; Snapchat started the adventure with geostickers, stickers that users could include in their posts if they were at a certain point on the map. Instagram did the same and raised the bet on eventual stickers that have ended up being perennial, such as those that took place on the occasion of pride or the celebration of mental health day.

Both companies work with Giphy, the central platform for GIFs and in which it is easy to include your own. Many artists and small companies can give themselves visibility in this way, and all they have to do is have an account open on the platform and that the designs have been created with a transparent background.