Why it is important to take care of the SEO of the images of a web

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Global trends show the importance given to audiovisual content. The video and the image represent an excellent wake-up call for users to review the services of our company through a website or blog. In addition, it generates context, clarifies the ideas of what is offered and, ultimately, can help improve the strategy of a brand on the Internet.

Caring for the images on a website encourages them to be shared on social networks and reach more audiences

However, when talking about SEO (search engine optimization), or the steps that need to be taken so that the content that is generated receives the attention of search engines, we will inevitably think in text. The images are relegated to the background, when their existence in a blog post or on a web page is essential.

The SEO of the images focuses on choosing them effectively so that no content “is to be”, but has a defined function on the web page. In this way, the user will also receive with greater clarity the message that they want to transmit with the content they are viewing. Including images without proper reasoning can be distracting to the reader, as well as slow down the upload speed, hinder navigation, and ultimately be penalized by search engines.

The key, as in SEO with texts, is to always keep in mind the user’s reaction to what we are including on the website. The benefits of having a good image SEO can be the following:

1- The images attract more than the text to click. Links, especially from another web page to ours, reinforce the authority of the site, and give the idea to search engines that other businesses support and approve of our content. That is why it is important to incorporate links with images, and if these are original, ask for credits whenever they are used.

2- Caring for the images encourages them to be shared . In the era of social networks, users tell what they like, what they don’t like, what has served them and the brands they trust. Images are easier to send through messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp. Including an image in each post will make it easier to reach other audiences.

3- The images appear separately in the search engines. In this way, if linked to images, users can enter the web page from two channels. The website will receive more traffic for also appearing in the images, and also the engines will begin to rate the image for itself in those dedicated to graphic content, such as Google Images.