What to expect from the F8, the Facebook developer conference

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Today starts F8, the tenth Facebook developer conference. The event, which will take place at the McEnery convention center in San Jose (California, United States), will give rise to the most important announcements of the company for this year.

The ambitious multiplatform messaging project will be one of the focal points of the F8

That is why today we bring you the topics that will be key in the day and which we will surely be talking about in the coming months.

The commitment to unified messaging

Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans to create a unified messaging service by merging WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the Instagram platform.

In this sense, it is believed that one of the novelties that the platform will include will be the incorporation of a payment system and monetary transactions in Facebook's messaging apps.

This system already exists on platforms like Venmo, however, according to recent reports, the company is experimenting with its own cryptocurrency to make chat payments.

Despite the innovation that this multi-platform messaging could represent, several experts and users have expressed their concern about the security and privacy of this future system.

Disadvantages such as the absence of encryption in Instagram messaging put the safety of users at risk and could be a cause of great problems.

In addition, the possibility of creating a unified profile with all the user information in the different apps, translates into a concentration of data that increases the possibility of massive leaks, such as those that occurred in the famous Cambridge Analytica case.

Without a doubt, the ambitious project will be one of the central points of the F8, where Facebook is expected to provide more details on the state of development of this system, as well as the keys to its operation and regulation.

Advances on Oculus and tools for Augmented Reality

Last year, the developer conference focused on one main goal: Virtual reality.

However, this year, the F8 will come back to the issue, especially to talk about the official release dates of Oculus, the virtual reality viewers that Facebook created.

Coupled with this, it is proposed that the company will delve into the use of virtual reality for the Facebook and Instagram app.

To do this, the company has scheduled 1 panels to teach developers to use tools for creating camera effects used in augmented reality.

A stories interface … and the Facebook assistant

Another of the key points of the conference will be the Facebook stories, which have been one of the main topics discussed by Zuckerberg in recent months.

In addition, in recent weeks, the app has been experimenting with an interface that merges stories with the traditional feed of the social network, so F8 could be the place where the interface union is officially announced.

Coupled with this, the conference could be the ideal place to give more details about Facebook's virtual assistant, a project for which almost no information is available yet, but which is among the company's future launches.

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