We tested the Samsung Galaxy Watch [Video]

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Samung Galaxy Watch is the new entry in the Korean brand's line of smart watches. At TreceBits, we were able to test the 46mm version, which is bigger and more capable, especially in terms of battery, than the 42mm version. It features a 1.33-inch super Amoled display and has a strapless weight of 63 grams.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the new Samsung smartwatch, aimed above all at fitness and health control apps

Although it is a large watch, it is not too bulky, and its weight is not a problem. It has an IP68 standard, making it resistant to dust and water. It has a metal bezel, which surrounds the circumference of the watch, which is used to move around the interface, with which you can also interact through the touch screen. It also has two buttons on the side, which allow you to go back and access the main menu.

Take a look at the clock in operation in the video we've made:

The first thing to do to pair the watch to the phone is to download the Galaxy Watch app . It is available for both Android and iPhone, a terminal on which the Galaxy Watch works without major problems. This application, in addition to allowing us to see the state of the clock (battery, storage …) allows us to manage its applications.

One of the main uses of the Samsung smartwatch is to receive notifications. Any application that we have on the phone will be able to show its notifications on the Galaxy Watch.

Still, notifications are not as comprehensive as they should be . In some cases, like Gmail, you can only see part of the email if it is too long. Also, it cannot be answered, so if we receive a WhatsApp we can only read it.

The watch is also focused as a health monitoring device, and it measures our heart rate, the exercise we do, our sleep and even the level of stress. It does this with the rear sensor, which measures our pulse and our breathing. It is, therefore, a very good alternative for those interested in the world of fitness.

It allows you to install various applications through the Samsung app platform, although at the moment, these are not too abundant (most are different clock faces) and some of them, although curious, such as the web browser or a YouTube player They are not particularly useful for wearing on a smartwatch.

The 472 mAh battery provides autonomy of just over two days with the watch at full capacity. There is a power saving mode, in which notifications only work, which greatly extends the autonomy of the watch. The battery is charged in a couple of hours approximately through an induction charger.

The 46mm version with Bluetooth connection can be found from 329 euros, the version with 4G connection being 70 euros more expensive. The 42mm version is available from € 309.