Twitter will allow 6-second videos to be included in tweets

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Get ready for a new way to embed videos in tweets. It was just shown by Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, and it's really eye-catching.

As you can see in the top tweet, Costolo yesterday tweeted a video in which he is seen making a steak tartar. It's a, let's say, test tweet, in which the video is embedded within the message, thanks to technology from Vine, the video-sharing software company that Twitter bought in October .

Twitter has not confirmed that it will launch this functionality for all users, but everything suggests that it will be so. If we take Costolo's tweet as a "test", it is very possible that soon the rest of the users may be tweeting short videos , as if they were a gif, in the same way that until recently we could include photographs with Instagram

Apparently the videos could be up to 6 seconds long (coincidentally, it is what the one who shared Costolo has).

What's more, according to The Financial Review Twitter could announce the integration with Vine for all users in Australia in the coming weeks. It would be a step for its global launch.

What do you think? Do you like the new way of including videos? Would you use it?


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