Three basic points to improve SEO positioning in Google

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The maintenance of a web page is complex, beyond the technical problems that may be experienced, there are algorithmic factors that have to be addressed.

Improving presence on mobile devices and facilitating voice searches are keys to improving SEO

Google's ranking system determines which pages are best indexed by the company's search engine, so it is crucial to optimize all SEO factors on the web to get more visits and improve online presence.

There are many factors that the Google algorithm takes into account, but there are three fundamental questions in which you must improve so that the positioning of your website improves in the coming months:

1. The mobile experience is everything. Google already warned earlier this year that its platform will only show mobile versions of web pages. The mobile experience has become a priority in our day-to-day online, in which the desktop computer is already in the background and more than 70% of users connect on the go.

That is why, if we want to have a good SEO and that our page is more recognized by the algorithm, it is essential to work on the mobile version of our website.

For this, the best thing is to opt for an adaptable and multiplatform web design, which not only serves to display the page on your computer and mobile, but also on other devices such as tablets.

In addition, to make sure that your website meets all the requirements to function correctly in its mobile version, you can submit it to the Google mobile optimization test, which indicates if your website is eligible to be recognized by the algorithm.

2. The key is in voice searches. Voice searches will be a trend in the coming months. At least in the United States, 50% of searches, both on web pages and on social networks, are already done through the voice mechanism.

That is why it is highly recommended to use long-tail keywords, that is, very specific words to describe web content. This is because voice search engines often use these types of keywords to perform their searches, so Google will favor the result of your website if the keywords used are more accurate.

3. The content is still the main thing. Despite the fact that there are certain practical improvements that can be carried out to optimize the SEO and performance of your website, the key remains in the development of quality content.

Creating engaging and engaging audience content is critical. In addition, Google also favors that the content complies with the appropriate extension, that is, that it exceeds the regulatory number of 300 words, but that it does not extend to the point of tiring the reader.