This will be Facebook Messenger in 2018: simpler

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One of the purposes of Facebook for 2018 is to make it easier to use its messaging platform, Facebook Messenger. The application has gone from being a simple chat to being full of functions, tools, advertising … David Marcus, at the head of the app, calls it "crowded".

Messenger bets on video and customer service in 2018

In a post on the social network itself, Marcus details which aspects of Messenger are going to receive a facelift this year in order to focus on communication between people.

Although it does not imply that all the functions are going to be eliminated, it does mean that the conversation will prevail over the rest of the platform's functions. In addition, Facebook Messenger prepares updates in many other ways:

1-Conversations in real time. Messenger is preparing to launch something akin to Facebook live shows in 2018. A feature that can serve both for celebrations and events where family and friends must be together but can't always, and also find a relative after a natural disaster. .

2-They will improve group chats. Faster photo and video sending, live group video, in addition to existing functions, such as payments, mentions, tools to customize them …

Including people in a group without having their phone is a unique feature of Messenger and can help create formal conversations between coworkers or potential job candidates, for example.

3-The video, protagonist . The global arrival of Messenger Kids highlights the importance of video in daily life: GIFs, short videos or video calls that can only be made with family members …

Facebook knows that the trend is towards video and is not going to drop the idea. More than 17,000 million video calls were made in 2017, twice more than in 2016; the figure speaks for itself.

4-The solidity of customer service. Facebook Messenger bots serving websites and businesses are growing at a rapid rate, and will continue to do so in 2018.

Chatting has become the best way to communicate, preferred by users 56% ahead of a call to technical service. The creativity and speed of response of the bots will increase throughout the year.

Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh is a social media marketing professional with 30+ years of experience. Previously, Tom worked as a Facebook marketing manager for a giant tech startup. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing."