This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet [Video]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the maximum exponent of tablets of the Korean brand. With the large number of Android-based tablets that flood the market, the Galaxy Tab S4 (the direct evolution of the Tab S3) is presented as one of the best high-end options, something that can be seen both in its capabilities and in its price.

Galaxy Tab S4 is the successor to the S3, and it is a lightweight tablet that does not give up power and versatility

Take a look at the Galaxy Tab S4 in operation, after having tested it in our test laboratory -you can see other videos we made with gadgets of all kinds here- in the following video:

The version that we have been able to test is the LTE version with 4G connection and 64 GB of storage. The screen is a 10.5-inch sAMOLED unit with a resolution of 2560 × 1600. It is a slightly longer screen than other tablets.

The interior is supplied with an eight-core processor ( 4 x 2.35 Ghz + 4 x 1.9 Ghz) accompanied by 4 GB of RAM, so power and fluidity are assured. The internal storage is available in 64 and 256 GB, and in both cases it is expandable through a micro SD card.

The tablet includes the S Pen, Samsung's digital pen. With it, you can activate a side menu that allows you to write on the screen and take handwritten notes. In addition, it serves to handle the tablet as if it were our finger. It is a success that the pen is included, since in many high-end tablets it is sold as a separate accessory.

In the back it has a 13 MP camera, complemented by an 8 MP front lens. Photography is not the main objective of this device, but even so, they more than fulfill their mission.

One of the strengths of this tablet is the 7,300 mAh battery, which is fully utilized , resulting in great autonomy. In addition, it has various battery saving modes that can greatly extend the use of the terminal.

The sound is provided by four AKG brand speakers, so this section is more than covered. In addition, it has a headphone jack input, which is located next to the USB-C charging port. On one side we find the anchors for a POGO keyboard (not included), which allows you to take advantage of the tablet almost as if it were a laptop.

As for the software, the tablet is equipped with Android 8.1. It also has several integrated Microsoft Office applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a powerful and versatile tablet, which translates into its price. We can find it from 759 euros in its 64GB 4G version.