The six most expensive apps of 2019 on iOS and Android

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Although most mortals are not willing to spend large amounts of money on apps for their smartphone (the most popular are usually free), if it is to pass an opposition exam, become a professional pianist or get exorbitant discounts to spend on stores, more than one would think. These are some of the functions offered by the most expensive applications of this year, which, unfortunately, are not useful in all cases according to their high prices.

Buying virtual gems, preparing for an opposition exam or learning to play the piano are some of the functions of the most expensive apps

-Abu Moo (2,100 euros)

"Why buy flowers when you can buy a virtual jewel for your girlfriend?" This is the description made by the creator of this application available on Android, in which 6 virtual gems (amethyst, aquamarine, black diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire) can be purchased that can be downloaded at the price of 350 euros per unit: total, 2,100 euros.

It seems nonsense, yes, but this is, according to its owner, the purpose of the app: to show the rest that you can buy anything, regardless of its degree of utility. Only for rich and successful people.

-CyberTuner (1,099.99 euros)

Learning to play the piano no longer requires even the instrument itself. Cyberturner, whose download on iOS has a price of 1,099.99 euros, makes it easy with software that for more than 20 years has assisted in professional piano tunings .

Although its creators define it as a fast, precise and easy to use application, many users point to the difficulty of its use. If we add to this the fee of 89.99 euros that must be paid once 12 months have passed since its download, it is almost preferable to attend face-to-face classes.

-Vipblack (1,099.99 euros)

The universe of the wealthy has its own virtual community. This is Vipblack, an application created only for millionaires who want to be part of a club with discounts and privileged services . The app, available for both iOS and Android, offers the user discounts on brands and exclusive treatments on services not available for all budgets. The reviews are not entirely rosy and take time without updating.

-Bar Max (999.99 euros)

When the quality of our future is at stake, anything goes. This is what the creator of this application, an American lawyer, who should help the law student prepare to face the BAR exam, should have considered it, the test that enables the United States to practice law.

Bar Max, which costs almost 1,000 euros, is the substitute for the classic opposition professor. It includes online classes with Harvard professors , sample exams and, last but not least, it promises you the pass. Given its large volume of downloads, it may be worth downloading this app, available for iOS and Android.

-DDS GP Yes! (599.99 euros)

If you are a dentist and want to be up to date with innovation, this is your application. DDS GP Yes! It is designed for those dentists who want to offer their patients a better visual presentation of the appearance of their mouth and the treatments to be performed, so that the patient assimilates the diagnosis better. Available for iOS, the app incorporates 37 audio tracks designed to help patients understand treatment plans. Of course, the audios are only available in English.

-The most expensive ball game (314.99 euros)

Would you pay more than 300 euros to play with a ball? There are people who do. This is demonstrated by The most expensive ball game, an app whose creators boast of having a very simple operation and being the most expensive on Google Play. Your objective is to handle a ball through different screens avoiding obstacles. The important thing, however, is that "your friends don't have it, so you can feel proud and flexible."