The Best Free FRIV Games Online

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FRIV is an online platform in which professionals and fans of video game development meet to share their own creations, either to make themselves known as creators or to offer their creations and that users enjoy them.

FRIV games are free and can be played from any browser, they are light and their mechanics are usually very simple

These free games are collected on many web pages, but also on their own page: Friv.com, with a very simple interface and in which, just by accessing it, it is possible to find thousands of games on the cover, sorted by categories such as action, sports, adventure or RPG (role playing games).

In this video, to help you open your mouth and prepare yourself for fun, we have selected the best 7 according to the editorial staff of TreceBits:

FRIV games are low complexity games, designed for a young audience and to entertain quickly and easily. To play, just click on the icon of a game and it will open in the browser itself using Flash. Most are controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard, the mouse pointer, or the letters W, A, S, and D, next to "Space" or "Enter."

And for all those users who are faced for the first time with the titanic task of choosing among thousands of games, below you will find not only seven as in the video, but the complete top 10 of the best FRIV games that you can play in today:

-Fanzypants Adventure: A very fun game with a « stick figure » protagonist. A very entertaining platform, perfect for lovers of classic games like Mario and Sonic.

-Fireboy & Watergirl in the forest temple: A game that mixes platforms with strategy, with a protagonist of fire and another of water, who must collaborate to open the doors of the temple.

-Electric Man 2: With an aesthetic very similar to that of Fancypants Adventure, it is an action game, in which you go through levels fighting and using the electrical powers of the protagonist.

-Hot Dog Bush: A very popular game that puts the player in the shoes of the former President of the United States, George Bush, who is in command of a doggie stand and must attend to customer requests in the shortest possible time.

-Bridge Tactics: A strategy game that consists of knocking down bridges and preventing the invading army from crossing them.

-Rollercoaster Creator: A perfect game for amusement park lovers that consists of creating functional roller coasters.

-Zombotron: An action-adventure game, with a very careful aesthetic, which consists of crossing stages eliminating zombies.

-Slither.io: A game with a simple appearance, but with complicated mechanics. The user handles a small snake that must devour dots of color and other snakes to grow.

-LA Rex: The player plays a T. Rex who is on the loose in Los Angeles and who must devour everyone who crosses his path and cause as much damage as possible.

-Super Onion Boy: A colorful clone of Super Mario, in which the player puts himself in the shoes of Onion Boy who must rescue the princess. To do this you will have to go through several scenarios with a very fun aesthetic, thanks to some mechanics that unite retro console platform games like Mario and Sonic.