The best digital marketing agencies in Spain

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“Leave the digital image of our business … in the hands of another company? Phew!” We understand. Perfectly, too. Choosing among the hundreds of Internet marketing companies that swarm around the Internet is a very important decision. And complex! We help you have all the information you need to make the best possible decision.

Not without my digital marketing agency

“And this thing about online marketing … can’t I manage it myself?” We will answer with more questions. Are you an SEO expert? And on social networks? And in Adwords? Do you know how to blog for success? Are you a programmer? If you meet all these requirements and also give you time to manage your own business, chapó. But in 99.999% of cases, it is not. Consequently, it is best to have an external agency.

The best marketing companies in Spain have a multidisciplinary team in which each of the members is a specialist in a specific field. And you, without the need to have all these professionals on staff, can take advantage of their good work and knowledge to improve the results of your company.

“Very well, you have convinced me. And now? What agency should I hire? There are hundreds… ”So that you don’t have to eat too much, here is a list of some of the most prestigious in our country.

The best digital agencies

-Marketing Paradise

“We design digital strategies to achieve ambitious goals.” The motto of this digital agency defines a whole philosophy. Working with these marketing professionals means having a whole group of specialists in different fields (SEO, Adwords, content, social networks, web design …) at the service of your company. Also, if something characterizes them is the proximity, the good treatment and good vibes. High level of specialization, great team.

-Good Rebels

With this agency that calls itself a rebel, you can carry out auditing, e-commerce, social media or content management work. Its objective is to focus on people and satisfy the needs of users.

-Havas Media

Working with an agency that has done work around the world provides certain guarantees. With them, in addition to Big Data or programming services, you can also generate top-quality audiovisual content. Ideal for multinationals.

-Flat 101

The CRO is the strong point of this group of professionals. They have worked with big companies like Bershka or ABC to help them make the definitive leap into the online era.


Its minimalist and clean lines style translates into ideas as simple as effective. They have worked with companies such as Iberia or Centros Único, for which they generated valuable digital proposals.

Characteristics of the best marketing companies

-Team of specialized profiles

One cannot know everything. The higher the specialization of the professionals of digital marketing companies, the better their results will be. If you find an agency in which the same person is responsible for both SEO and content and social networks, be suspicious .

-Success stories to teach

It is not a question of boasting, it is a question of guarantee of success. The agencies expose their old works to make you understand what they can do for you. Plus, you can even call the companies the team has worked with and ask for first-hand referrals.

-Good attention and communication with you

Essential! Any of the digital marketing agencies in Spain that you want to have must work closely with your project. In this way, you will take full advantage of the combination of your knowledge of your sector and theirs on the digital world. For this reason, there should not only be professionalism, but closeness, good treatment and fluid communication.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the need to report on the results that the strategies are having. This way you can reach agreements on the changes necessary to improve results. If your agency does not send you periodic reports on the progress of the actions that are being carried out, bad luck.

-Specialization in digital marketing

Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up. If a company is dedicated to both online and offline marketing or branding… what exactly is it specialized in? The best thing if you want 100% effective results in the digital field is to have a specialized team in this sector.

And now … what is the next step? Well, jump in the pool, that simple. Search among the best digital marketing agencies the one that has the most affinity with your project and … go for the users! There is a whole market waiting for you behind the screens of mobiles, tablets and computers. Seize it.

Why bet on digital marketing

Do you use internet Your clients too. The first thing you should understand is that for users everything that does not have an online presence does not exist. Starting from this basis, betting on a marketing consultant has many advantages.

First, platforms like social media or search engine ads allow you to target your advertising and communications to just the right people who may be interested in your product. This level of segmentation was impossible in traditional channels. Furthermore, the measurement of the results of these actions is infinitely more reliable than in television or radio advertising. To all this we must add that direct interaction with the website or your company’s products is much easier than in other formats.