The 4 keys to online marketing in 2019 according to the Mary Meekers report

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Every year the technology and online commerce sectors await the Mary Meekers Internet Trends Report. Since its first edition in 1995, the study has become a reference on the most important data and trends in the Internet ecosystem.

The predominance of audiovisuals, the rise of 'gamers' and the opening to new international markets are some of the keys to the Meekers report

That is why, after the presentation of the 2019 annual report, at TreceBits we explain what the keys to the online industry are for Meekers.

-Growth of users on the Internet

First, the information on Internet access stands out. According to the report, 51% of the world population (3.8 billion people) accessed the Internet over the past year. This represents an increase over last year of two percentage points.

In this sense, Internet access in some countries has completely changed the demographics of online users. An example of this is India, which has considerably increased its number of Internet users, surpassing the United States and only lagging behind China.

Furthermore, although India is the second largest user market, it is the first in terms of expansion capacity. Which explains the great interest of technology companies and social networks in dominating this market. An example of this is the exclusive launch of WhatsApp Pay in India and the opening of Facebook offices in the region.

Like India, other areas such as Asia-Pacific have also become relevant for their constant expansion in the number of online users. This, also, due to the increasing access to mobile devices with Internet.

-Marketing and Business

On the business side, it is possible to see an indisputable rise in the technology sector. Currently, seven of the 10 best-rated companies in the world belong to this sector. In addition, 15% of sales worldwide are made online. E-commerce is a sector that has experienced growth of 12.4% in the last year.

Coupled with this, the report shows growth of up to 22% in investment in Internet ads. Most of this investment continues to go to Google and Facebook. However, it has been identified that companies like Amazon and Twitter are increasing their participation in the online advertising sector.

Of these ads, at least 62% correspond to so-called "programmatic ads", that is, ads that have been purchased and established through an online platform or software.

However, the report also reveals certain problems. For one thing, there are several concerns and obstacles to targeted advertising. For example, the iron implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union has been one of the great obstacles of the online advertising industry.

In addition, scandals like Cambridge Analytica have led companies like Facebook and Apple to create hardware and software more focused on the idea of privacy and cybersecurity.

In fact, this is an upward trend. In 2018, 87% of global Internet traffic was encrypted, a considerable change from 2015, when only 53% of traffic was.

-Social networks

As for social media platforms, YouTube and Instagram have had the best performances of 2018 in terms of growth. Otherwise, most social networks have maintained their percentage, with the exception of Facebook and WeChat, which have lost daily users compared to the second quarter of 2017.

The great growth of networks such as YouTube and Instagram is due, in particular, to their proximity to image and audiovisual formats.

In this sense, the report reveals that images have become one of the main means of communication. This is because technological development has made it possible to improve connectivity and the improvement in mobile devices makes it easier to capture images.

Proof of this trend towards image is that on Twitter, a social network designed for the publication of written texts, more than 50% of interactions occur in publications with photos, videos or other types of audiovisual elements.

In addition, the reign of the image is corroborated, without a doubt, by the triumph of the format of the Stories. In fact, the report reveals that the trend towards Stories is on the rise, constituting one of the main pillars of the current digital market.

The triumph of the image and the Stories has generated great bets for this format, with companies like Netflix adding Stories to their platform or Facebook, which could merge them with their traditional interface.

-Growing formats

In addition to mentioning some of the main trends and dominant data in the online ecosystem, the Mary Meekers report also concludes the content creation formats that are on the rise.

In this sense, the world of video games has gained important relevance. Currently, 2.4 billion people are part of the gaming community worldwide. If we take the previous figure of 3.8 billion Internet users in the world, this means that at least 60% of online users are part of this community.

Furthermore, the report emphasizes the number of users who view this content. This is reflected in the growing popularity of streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube's failed bid to launch an exclusive platform for gamers.

On the other hand, another format that is growing is that of podcasts. The sector is facing an unprecedented expansion, reaching its highest figure in history.

The growth of this audio format in Latin America and its continued extension in large markets such as the United States allow us to determine that podcasts will continue to be a popular product, which could generate up to $ 1 billion by 2021.