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The 10 Spanish influencers with the most engagement on Instagram

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Being an influencer does not only mean gathering a large number of followers on any social network. Beyond that, to generate influence it is necessary for the person to create stable ties of trust with their followers and to encourage conversation with them, encouraging them to participate in dialogues or interact with their publications.

The contestant of Operación Triunfo Roi Méndez is the influencer that generates the most engagement on Instagram

The ability to capture the attention of the audience and the frequency with which the interaction with the followers occurs are two of the key indicators to know if an influencer has engagement with his community or not.

The ability to generate engagement is a key element that brands should take into account when choosing the influencer with which to develop their marketing campaigns. Selecting the right person is essential if you want to be successful in generating an influencer marketing campaign.

The SamyRoad platform has compiled a list of the 10 Spanish influencers with the best capacity to generate interaction with their followers on Instagram. According to this company, it would be the following:

1. Roi Méndez (@ roi_ot2017). Engagement 23%
2. Alex Chiner (@alexchiner). Engagement 21%
3. HiClavero (@hiclavero). Engagement 20%
4. Carla Laubalo (@laubalo). Engagement 18.7%
5. Pablo Castellano (@ pablocastellano86). Engagement 18.2%
6. Vicky Gomez (@ vickygom3z). Engagement 17.28%
7. David Rees (davidrees). Engagement 17.21%
8. Izhan Go (@izhan_go). Engagement 16.4%
9. María Valero (@ mariavalero22). Engagement 16.1%
10. Judith Jaso (@jasojudith). Engagement 15%

As can be seen in the ranking, this is headed by the contestant of Operación Triunfo 2017 Roi Méndez , who would be the one who has managed to generate more engagement with the more than 511,000 followers he has on the social network of photographs and videos.

Interestingly, her dance teacher at the academy – and winner of the talent show Fama – also slips into the top 10 of the list. Alex Chiner and youtuber HiClavero are the ones who complete the top 3 among the influencers with the most engagement on Instagram in Spain.