Some Samsung mobiles send photos randomly without user permission

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Some Samsung devices are randomly sending photos to contacts. This is a catastrophic security flaw that some users of Reddit and the Gizmodo portal have noticed.

One user reportedly said that his phone had sent all of his photos to his partner via Samsung's text messaging app. Also, it is not possible to know what photos have been sent, since only the receiver knows.

Cases have been detected in which the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + have sent photos randomly and without prior notice

In fact, some of those affected have only noticed the error when the person who received the photos answered them. At the moment, it seems that this failure has only been detected in the United States and on the Galaxy S9 and S9 + terminals , although they may not be the only ones.

A Samsung spokesman has told the press that they "are aware" of the reports and that the company's technical teams are working on it. Additionally, they encourage any user experiencing these failures to call the company directly.

Some users speculate if this is due to updates from RCS , which is a text messaging standard that will make SMS much more like apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. Some US phone operators have been contacted about it, but have referred the problem to Samsung.

At the moment, there is no record that the problem occurred outside the United States, but if this were the case, users can revoke the permissions of the Samsung messages application to access the photos. This is a pretty good decision, especially if there are compromised photos .