Snapchat backtracks and launches its new redesign

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A new design is being launched from Snapchat for most users of the application on iOS. In fact it is a redesign of a redesign. Last year Snapchat released an app update that had an unexpected result. Approximately 1.2 million people signed an online petition to return the old design.

The redesign tries to go back to the previous version to the last update

Snapchat recognized that the change had not had the desired effect, and they promised to put some kind of solution . Now, the new design comes in part, with the intention of mitigating the consequences of that first change. The new design will put chats and Snaps in chronological order, like before last year's update. Also, the Stories will return to the right side.

When opening the app, the camera will be activated, and by sliding to the left you can see the content uploaded by the user's friends. Something that remains from the last version will be that the Stories of the contacts will be kept separate from the Stories of advertising. A subscription feed has been added, featuring public character Stories.

As with the latest releases, these changes don't seem to be helping with Snapchat's overall situation, which is not a big deal financially.

Although in the first quarter of 2018, the company has slightly increased the number of its total users, Snapchat is getting less money per user . In addition, the increase in users is the best recorded by the company.

It remains to be seen if updating and reverting to the previous features attract users who may have migrated to other platforms. The changes at the moment will focus on the iOS version, without confirmation about its possible arrival on Android devices.