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Mailrelay, the definitive email marketing tool

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Carrying out email marketing campaigns can be very beneficial for any company, no matter how large it is, since this channel allows you to communicate with clients and potential clients who have given their express consent quickly and directly. Among its advantages is the possibility of spreading the company’s services and products more widely, bringing quality traffic to its website, increasing the customer base …

However, not all companies can invest large amounts of money to create a newsletter or to send emails on a scheduled basis to their customer bases. Others think that developing this will suppose the consumption of many resources and that they will not have time for it …

For both of us, we could recommend the use of software for sending mass mailings such as Mailrelay, the tool that we have been testing in recent weeks and which allows you to create newsletters, send mailings and manage the list of subscribers in a simple way.

One of its main attractions is that its use is free during the first 75,000 shipments that are made, with up to 15,000 subscribers, with no time limit. Exceeding those figures, you should opt for a premium plan and pay a monthly fee.

But until that time comes, having a free account enables you to use all the features Mailrelay has. For example, advanced account statistics can be accessed to know all the details about campaigns and how subscribers interact with them at all times.

Another feature that makes the use of Mailrelay as an email marketing tool interesting is the Smartdelivery technology, which uses its own algorithms to analyze the results of the campaigns and henceforth improve the deliverability of the shipments.

In addition, all users of the platform – also those who have a free account – have an expert advisor assigned to answer any questions and help you better understand the operation and performance of your emailings.

It should also be mentioned that it is one of the few tools on the market that offer self-responders, even for their free accounts. In addition, it has numerous predefined templates, the ability to perform A / B tests and segment emails, RSS feeds, filter installation … and it even incorporates a bounced email control that will clean the subscriber database, eliminating those emails that are no longer be active.

In addition, as it is a 100% proprietary software, email marketing campaigns can be fully customized and even Mailrelay can be integrated into the company’s CRM.

Finally, if you are concerned about complying with the new European legislation on data protection, you should know that Mailrelay has all the servers, IPs and infrastructure in European territory, so your company will strictly comply with the current law when handling the subscriber database and send with this tool.

You have more information in the following video: