How to block someone on all your social networks

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On the Internet it is not uncommon to meet someone who only deserves to be blocked. Whether on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, all platforms offer a way to prevent unwanted people from disturbing us. Blocking someone implies that they cannot contact us through the social network we choose.

Almost all social networks offer users ways to block, or at least silence, other users.

At TreceBits we tell you how to block contacts on the most used platforms:

Facebook : If we block someone on Facebook, this person will know that we have blocked them, since they will not be able to access the profile. To block them, you have to go to their profile, and press the ellipsis button that appears next to "Message". A drop-down menu will appear, the last option of which is «Block». If we click here, a confirmation notice will appear, notifying us of the consequences of the blockage.

WhatsApp : To block someone on WhatsApp there are two methods. The first is to go Configuration, Account, Privacy and Blocked. In this last section, press "Add new" and we can select the contact we want to block.

It can be done directly from the chat with that contact, clicking on their name and clicking Block contact. Here, in addition to blocking, it gives us the option to report it. If you write us an unknown phone number, when you open the chat the option to block directly will appear. Blocked contacts will not be able to see our profile information, including the photo.

Twitter : On Twitter, we just have to go to the profile page of the contact we want to block. Next to the follow button (or the one that indicates that we are following you if we do so), there is a button with three dots.

When you click on it, a drop-down menu appears that allows us to silence the account (we will not see your tweets or retweets) or block it. If we choose this last option, the user will receive a notice that we have blocked him when entering our profile.

Instagram : To block a user on Instagram we have to go to their profile. To the right of the account name, there is a button with an ellipsis. When you press it, the drop-down menu will allow us to block the contact, who will not be able to see our profile at the same time that will also prevent us from seeing yours.

From the feed, you can click on the ellipsis located to the right of the username. The drop-down menu will allow us to choose between several options: Report, Silence or Stop following, although not the option to block.

Brian Rattay

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