Google will allow you to register on any web page with just "one touch"

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Google is working on the development of a new feature called "One tap", which means "one touch", which will simplify the process of registering on any web page.

Google's One Tap system will allow users to log into web pages without registering by filling out a form

In most of them you have to fill in complex questionnaires to register, but with Google's "One Tap", users who come to a website for the first time will not have to register. They will simply press the «One Tap» button and will automatically be identified on the page.

This one-stop registration process in seconds will save users from wasting time filling out forms with information that they have placed over and over again on other sites. Also, it will be used to log into online accounts without having to enter the data when they are already logged in to Google.

Basically what is done is that all this information is provided to Google once and it stores it securely in a token that is delivered, in encrypted form, to web pages so that their registration form is completed. automatically with the user's data, without the need to place a password at each login.

To use "One Tap" you must have configured the Android autocomplete system or the Smart Lock for passwords in your Google account, two password management functions that allow users to remember their passwords and data and share them with other applications. If they are not activated, the system for creating new accounts on websites will not work properly and cannot be used, having to re-complete the form that the page requires manually.

At the moment it is not known when this function will be enabled for Google users, since it is in development and the company has not confirmed the date of its launch. What is known is that "One Tap" will work in all web browsers and on any platform, both PC and Mac.