Google launches ads in three dimensions

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The ads we see today on the web could change forever, and is that Google has launched a platform to create ads in 3D and with augmented reality. Additionally, the company has released special announcements for content creators on YouTube.

With the new ad format, content creators will be able to promote their videos live through YouTube ads

First, Google has launched "Swirl", an ad format that generates an immersive user experience. In this type of ads, brands can display their products in 3D format and, at the same time, allow users to explore the product by zooming, rotating or interacting with it from their devices.

The Swirl format will be on Google Display & Video 360, the Google Ads platforms to create advertising campaigns and publish them. However, for now this ad format is only available in its Beta version.

In addition, Google has enabled a 3D / Swirl component in Google Web Designer, which will allow brands with 3D content to develop their own ads with great ease.

Coupled with this, the company has launched new ad formats for YouTube. First, Google has created the "Beauty Try-On" format , a new type of ad that uses augmented reality to show users what they would look like with a certain makeup product. This ad format is now available for use.

The company has launched the Beauty Try-On format to be used in YouTube videos with content on makeup and beauty, which is one of the largest communities on the video platform.

In addition, Google has announced other types of ads for YouTube, which are designed to help content creators who produce live videos.

With this tool, content creators will be able to advertise their videos live among traditional ads. In this way, when users see them, they will be able to click on a button that will redirect them to live .

As with Swirl, this ad format is currently only available in its beta version. However, it is expected to be available to advertisers soon.

These new Google tools are another step for the company to renew the way advertisements are made and consolidate its leadership in the market. In addition, with the arrival of ads on mobile apps like WhatsApp, these formats could be very useful to connect mobile device users with more interactive content.