Five news that will arrive soon on Facebook Messenger

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This week Facebook has held the F8, its Developer Conference, where traditionally the main innovations that will reach the company's products in the coming months are presented.

The appointment has not disappointed: redesign of Facebook, new tools on Instagram, confirmation that the messaging systems of the company's family of applications (Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp …) will be integrated, something that we will see in 2020 and much more.

There have been intense days lived in San Francisco, so we are going to collect in this article the main news that will reach Facebook Messenger, because they are many and interesting.

-Messenger will come to the desktop

It is true that users could use Facebook Messenger directly from Facebook on the computer desktop, although with limited functionality compared to the version of the mobile application. For example, you couldn't make video calls.

That is why the company is going to launch the web version of Facebook Messenger, similar to the one that already exists on WhatsApp Web, with all kinds of functions and tools, expanding its potential. The Facebook Messenger desktop app is already in the testing phase and will be available for both Windows and MacOS later this year.

-Group of best friends on Messenger

In order to guarantee the privacy of users, Facebook Messenger will add a new function that will allow content and interactions to be limited so that only the closest friends see them, those who are selected by the user as their "best friends". In short, it is the same function that Instagram already implemented so that only some selected users could see certain stories.

-State with emojis

Messenger will allow users to include a state (like in the old Microsoft Messenger or WhatsApp) that will be made up of an emoji that will indicate their mood or what they expect from others that day, among other emotions.

-Viewing group videos on Messenger

Facebook already included a few weeks ago the possibility of watching group videos on the social network (the so-called Facebook Watch, which have come with controversy included) and now it seems that it will also bring this new functionality to Facebook Messenger. Thus users will be able to view audiovisual content at the same time and comment on it in real time. This new option will reach the messaging system towards the end of the year, as confirmed by Facebook.

-New options for companies

Messenger launches a catalog of ad models that can be used to generate leads and that companies can already use in Ads Manager. With them, companies will have easier to create question and answer systems that allow them to better understand the needs of their customers. In this sense, new models have also been created to help businesses such as restaurants, workshops or beauty centers to use creatives that allow them to receive bookings from clients and potential clients through Messenger.

In short, what these models do is reproduce, on a smaller scale, the customer service process through a bot. However, they do not require programming and, in certain cases, they can be more than enough to obtain the expected lead by the company through Messenger.