Facebook will launch new Facebook Portal models in the fall

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Facebook will launch new versions of its virtual assistant Facebook Portal. The novelty was announced by Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's vice president of AR and VR, during the Code Convention in Arizona, United States, which took place yesterday.

Facebook Portal will allow the device's camera and its respective video interface to be incorporated into the home TV

Bosworth has revealed that the new Facebook Portal models will have new "form factors" or physical hardware modifications . According to the executive, this is because the social network plans to launch a whole new generation of hardware.

In addition, Bosworth has pointed out that for Facebook it is essential to "make sure that the human connection, the connection between two people, is a first-hand experience" on home devices.

In this sense, it is believed that the Portal modification will allow the device's camera to be incorporated in the upper part of a television, transferring the video interface to the TV screen.

These modifications would allow Facebook to create a more adaptable and functional device to home spaces, unlike the current Portal, which works as a separate device for making video calls.

By merging Portal's functionalities with other home devices, the company optimizes hardware performance, reduces costs, and makes the device more convenient for consumers.

In addition to these modifications, Facebook may include new features or hardware changes. However, for now it is unknown what the company's plans are in this regard.

Meanwhile, it is only known that the launch of these new versions of Portal will take place in the fall of this year, coinciding with the presentation of the device in Europe.

This news comes as a surprise after criticism of the sale of user data and negative predictions about its performance overshadowed the "good sales" Portal has had, according to statements by executive Andrew Bosworth.