Facebook will analyze suspicious actions of adult users with minors

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Facebook is working on the development of preventive measures against sexual predators and, in this way, prevent children from being victims of these users with illegal intentions.

This was revealed by the head of global security for Facebook, Antigone Davies, who assured: "when you find content, the problem is that the damage has already been done", in clear reference to requests from some States to access the talks of social networks to persecute pedophiles or terrorists. Facebook would be willing to allow those "back doors" to prevent further harm for children.

Facebook will analyze the behavior of those accounts that are suspicious due to their activity

In this sense, Facebook has put on the table some of the measures it intends to implement. For example, the social network will track those accounts, both on Instagram and on Facebook, that may be suspicious for following certain activity patterns. For example, it will analyze whether an elderly user is dedicated to following or trying to interact with profiles of a much younger age and does not have any family or other close environment links or connections.

Another suspicious activity that the company will take into account is that of those users who have been repeatedly blocked by many accounts , especially if they are minors' accounts or users with an age range far removed from suspicious profiles. These measures will be, above all, aimed at those users who try to communicate with profiles through private spaces, such as Messenger or direct messages from Instagram.

The announcement of these measures comes after the United Kingdom established agreements with the United States to gain access to the "back doors" of the platforms. In other words, the security services of the British country want to access the private conversations of those users who may be suspicious and could be committing some type of crime related to pedophilia or even terrorism.