Facebook premieres the music video for The Jonas Brothers (and incidentally, the hell with MySpace)

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The Jonas Brothers

What if Facebook competed – even more – with MySpace attacking it with what hurts the most? With music, I mean.

The answer to the question is a reality, since the social network joins the list of sites that launch premieres exclusively to attract visits from followers of a musical group in the limelight. Gone is the launch of the latest single on YouTube or MySpace if you can release it to 200 million active users around the world through the creation of Mark Zuckerberg.

That is what those of The Jonas Brothers have thought, a group of teenage pop rockers who must be well known – I had no idea – and who today will exclusively discover their next single on Facebook: “Paranoid”.

But it is not the only release that these guys are going to make through their Facebook profile, but the premiere of the song is only the first of four webcasts that they are going to keep with their fans through the social network. Next Thursday they will have live meetings and more activities through the web.

In the US media I have read that they qualify this as a historical moment, when the technological sensation of the decade (Facebook, practically agrees), with the musical sensation of the decade (The Jonas Brothers ?, no idea. I will have to go to YouTube to see who these are.) What is clear is that the rumors that Facebook may be thinking of creating its own music product to integrate it into its platform are becoming stronger every day.

Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh is a social media marketing professional with 30+ years of experience. Previously, Tom worked as a Facebook marketing manager for a giant tech startup. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing."