Facebook Portal will launch in Europe in the fall

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Facebook launched its Facebook Portal and Portal + smart speakers at the end of last year, which allows calls and video calls through Messenger, have a virtual assistant and facilitate the development of actions on the social network and other functions on the Internet using voice commands .

Facebook Portal will include support for WhatsApp

However, until now they were only available in Canada and the United States, where in addition, on the occasion of Mother's Day, their price had been cut in half. This drastic descent had set off alarms. In fact, it was thought that the action could be the result of the little interest aroused by the teams in the users, low sales and, even, it was speculated with the possibility that Facebook would end up abandoning the product and discontinuing it.

But this is not going to be the case, the company has confirmed at F8, its Developer Conference, which has been held for the last two days in San Francisco (California), that it has very serious plans to continue developing Facebook Portal.

The main one may be that Facebook plans to launch the teams in other international markets. In this sense, it has announced the arrival of Portal and Portal + in Europe this fall, although it has not specified whether it will be available in all countries or only in some of them.

Facebook has also not confirmed the sale price of the equipment in Europe . What he has pointed out is a couple of other novelties that will come to Portal in the coming weeks.

One of the most important is that Portal will have support for WhatsApp . This means that we can read and send messages directly through the Facebook speaker system, as well as make encrypted calls and video calls from end to end, which will guarantee their privacy and that they cannot be intercepted.

Facebook has also announced other features that will arrive from the summer. For example, saying "Hey Portal, good morning", the speakers will be able to inform the user about the birthdays that take place between their contacts that day, events that are celebrated and about which they have shown interest …

It will also be allowed to send private video messages through Portal and, thanks to the collaboration with Amazon, Portal will incorporate visual tools from Alexa, as well as its own application for Amazon Prime Video.

On the other hand, Portal will also allow Facebook Live to be used throughout this year, in order to carry out live broadcasts from the device in real time. In addition, "SuperFrame" will be launched , which allows displaying the user's favorite photos on the Portal screen when they are not receiving a call. It will have support for both Facebook and Instagram images, turning Portal into a digital framework.

During Facebook F8 there have been many releases. Among others, the redesign of Facebook, three new tools for Instagram and the arrival of Facebook Dating in new markets with the function "Secret Crush".

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