Facebook launches 22 new digital marketing courses for SMEs

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Blueprint, Facebook’s free educational platform, has included 22 new courses on digital marketing with the intention of helping SMEs improve their presence in the digital environment.

Facebook Blueprint courses will be available in English at the end of June

The new courses include a total of 80 lessons, with 40% of content in video format. These lessons last approximately 5 minutes to maximize efficiency and simplify the user learning process.

Blueprint was launched in 2015 with the intention of consolidating digital marketing and advertising practices for small and medium-sized businesses. Since then, the platform has been kept updated by adding new courses and features periodically.

From “How to use Instagram” to “How to create ads with Facebook Ads”, Blueprint offers a variety of courses focused on developing marketing strategies from the Facebook social media constellation.

In September of last year alone, the platform added three new courses on managing Instagram for business and commercial purposes, including the use of stories and the creation of branded content.

In this sense, the new course update will bring much more content related to Instagram, which has become one of the most powerful platforms for the dissemination of information given its strong audiovisual presence.

In addition to this, Facebook will also grant certificates for the handling of your ads . These certificates will be obtained after completing the corresponding course on Facebook Ads.

Blueprint has announced that the courses will be available later this month. Initially these will only be available in English. However, the platform intends to translate them into more than 30 languages before the end of the year.

In general, Blueprint training can be useful for start-ups and even marketers who want to learn more about how Facebook tools are handled.