Facebook is developing custom avatars

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Facebook is developing a feature that will allow users to build custom illustrated avatars.

Apparently, it would be a tool very similar to the one offered by the Bitstrips website, turned into Bitmoji after its absorption by Snapchat in a $ 100 million operation. These avatars would therefore be a new feature that first appeared on Snapchat and was later incorporated into Facebook.

These avatars could be used to be sent as Stickers by Messenger or to incorporate them in comments

Facebook confirmed that the avatars are in development , but that they are still at an early stage, according to the TechCrunch portal. Therefore, you cannot venture a date when this new tool will begin its public testing phase, let alone its full implementation if need be.

It seems that a developer named Jane Wong discovered the existence of the avatar creation tool in the files of the application package that Facebook has released for Android. In that set of files, you can find features that are still in the testing phase.

In addition to using them as a profile photo, these avatars with the characteristics desired by each user, could be used as stickers in conversations in Messenger or to put them in comments in any publication.

Bitmoji requires users to build their own digital image, and it is not yet clear if Facebook will implement a system completely the same as Snapchat. There is speculation that Facebook may use its facial recognition technology to create avatars, but seeing the restrictions that data protection laws impose on this technology, it seems unlikely.

What is clear is that one of the main problems for Snapchat is the adoption of its technologies by other companies.