Everything Google has presented at CES

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CES is one of the largest technology fairs in the world. In it, hundreds of companies show their latest products. In this year's edition, novelties have been presented as the world's first flexible mobile, a product of the Chinese company Royole. But large companies also take advantage of the fair to show their latest advances.

Google has announced at CES 2019 a large number of improvements related to its Assistant

This is the case of Google, which has shown the public a lot of its latest advances, all centered around the Google Assistant, which has monopolized the company's launches.

First of all, an update to the Assistant has been announced, which will integrate it into Google Maps on both iOS and Android starting today . You will also receive other improvements, such as the ability to check in on users' flights and reserve hotel rooms.

The translator function has also received attention, as it will expand up to 27 languages that the product will be able to translate instantly thanks to its Interpreter mode.

Additionally, the Assistant will be present on more than a billion devices worldwide at the end of this month. To contribute to this exaggerated figure, Google has announced its arrival to a whole plethora of devices. This is the case of the Samsung smart televisions that are launched throughout this year.

The Assistant will also be able to control the smart speakers with the Sonos brand built-in mic, so they won't be limited to the Home. For its part, Lenovo will manufacture a smart alarm clock (with a starting price of $ 80) that will work with the Assistant.

As if that were not enough, Google has presented the initiative "Assistant Connect" , which aims to feed on small gadgets to connect with the Assistant. For example, electronic ink screens that serve to display visual information requested from the Assistant.

Finally, the company has announced the development of microphones designed for the car, so that the Assistant can be used without having to unlock the phone.

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