Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

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How is it going to be next year? What will be the Digital Marketing trends in 2020?

The digital marketing sector is continually evolving, and to compete in the market you need to be up-to-date on news and trends.

We have researched the best strategies for the coming year and have had the opinion of great experts. Knowing the digital marketing trends for 2020 will allow you to prepare your strategies, take the lead and outdo your competitors.

What trends will dominate the marketing sector in 2020?

The most important thing of all is nothing new: the user is the center of everything , he is the boss and it is the changes in the habits of the users that make it necessary to modify the strategies to adapt.

In the following video, a webinar is developed with advice from SEO experts, where the importance of the user experience is explored.

In fact, there is talk of a completely mobile user, providing very useful advice on how to improve mobile usability and how to monitor user behaviors in order to stand out on Google.

Another powerful engine of change is new technologies , such as Big Data or artificial intelligence. Its different applications to digital marketing open new paths and possibilities in the sector.

These, then, are the points to consider in the development of the next strategies:

1. More and more users prefer voice searches

For some years, there has been a lot of talk about the increase in voice searches , and the need to adapt SEO strategies to this type of search.

But how do you adapt to this new behavior? The general consideration is to create content around semantic phrases instead of typical keywords, and to use conversational tone, relying on long tail keywords.

The webinar mentioned above also deals in depth with the subject of voice searches.

But not only voice searches are performed on Google. Smart device speakers are currently the fastest growing in the world and, according to the latest data available, nearly half a million Spanish homes have one of these devices.

In general, searches carried out on devices such as Echo or Google Home are not transactional … at the moment. People do not use smart speakers for shopping, but for other functions such as playing music or talking about the weather.

This does not mean that they do not offer opportunities for marketing , quite the opposite! The creation of specific brand content for these channels will be the trend throughout the next year and the following ones.

More and more brands are working to create content of value for the user adapted to smart speakers, such as Alexa skills. Don't be left behind!

2. Users demand personalized treatment and communicate with the brand face to face

Gone are the years when brands launched their messages to consumers, from their one-way platforms such as television or radio.

Today things have changed a lot. Connectivity allows the user direct contact with the brand , and the user does not hesitate to use this possibility by treating the brand from you to you, even reproaching him in public when things are not going well.

Mass communication is less and less likely to impact due to digital infoxication. In order for communication between brand and user to flow, it must be personalized to the maximum.

This new trend generates two interesting changes, which must be considered by brands in their strategies for next year and the following:

-The messaging channels that used to be reserved for communication between individuals, are becoming increasingly important for brands. We talk about the use of Messenger or Whatsapp for companies , increasingly common.

-Following this trend, chatbots are increasingly used and these are increasingly evolved. Chatbots are one of the many applications of artificial intelligence , and they allow companies to have personalized conversations in real time with their customers.

3. The user finds new products on their social networks

Increasing numbers of purchases through social channels increase . According to the 2019 Annual Social Media study in Spain, 55% of users claim to have searched for information about products or services on Social Media before making a purchase.

It is an upward trend, so a good strategy for 2020 will be to create publications to make products available to users through these channels, the so-called “shoppable posts”. The images work very well, but the short videos get even better results.

Some advertisers redirect the user to the product page in their e-commerce through social media posts. However, platforms like Facebook or Instagram allow in-app purchases, which makes things a lot easier for sellers.

Integrated purchases dramatically shorten the sales funnel, allowing brands to reach new markets and impact new users in a friendly way.

4.… and would rather watch videos (or listen to podcasts) than read text

Did you know that more than 100 million hours of video are seen on Facebook every day? And that YouTube has more than a billion active users? The importance of video continues to increase, and more and more brands use this format to advertise.

Currently all major platforms support streaming video, which suggests that live video will continue to dominate as a content format throughout 2020.

Facebook or Instagram are ideal platforms to show users more about your brand through live videos. This type of videos transmits trust and closeness, helping your brand achieve popularity and engagement.

On the other hand, video ads get more interaction and better results than other advertising formats. According to Forbes data, 90% of customers say that videos help them make purchasing decisions, and online buyers who watch demo videos are almost twice as likely to buy a product.

In turn, content in podcast format offers the advantage of being consumed while doing activities that do not allow us to look at a screen, such as driving, walking or cooking.

The creation of branded content in this format will help the company to differentiate itself and retain the loyalty of the audience, who perceives these contents as "friendlier".

Powerful media like Spotify are making heavy investments in the podcast industry, closely related to the rise of smart speakers and voice assistants.

5. Users seek experiences and participation, that is, interactive and / or immersive content (to be personalized, of course)

Content marketing should focus during 2020 on providing the user with interactivity and new experiences as the best way to achieve engagement.

We like to be connected, to feel involved in what we are doing, to be part of what is happening. Interactive content and immersive content put this within our reach.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, traditional interactive content is changing its image. The challenge is to be able to develop content that extracts the potential of new technologies, managing to provide users with better and more personalized experiences.

For example, interactive videos, virtual reality and augmented reality have been around for years and are evolving rapidly, although most brands have not yet exploited their possibilities.

These technologies make innovation and creativity available to brands that will allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In summary, the main digital marketing trends in 2020 are to take advantage of new technologies, fully focusing the strategy on the user.