As it has been recently known, social networks are giving way to messaging apps for users who share news with their acquaintances. This new interaction model that is configured now is remarkable for brands and companies, considering that by the end of the year, 78% of smartphone users worldwide will have sent a message via these channels on a monthly basis.

Users access companies through messaging on different platforms

For this reason, messaging will also become involved in business marketing strategies, sooner rather than later. Sponsored by the fear of privacy breaches, the craze for messaging apps to review, recommend a brand, or share information about a service will not stop growing.

Facebook has produced a report in which it encourages companies to focus more on apps like Messenger or WhatsApp Business than on Facebook or Instagram. These are the main observations:

1-Messaging grows and will continue to do so. For 51% of the users surveyed by the company, messaging apps have displaced other forms of communication, 80% send messages on a daily basis and 67% admit to having increased the use of these apps in the last two years.

2-The messages are not just text . Businesses should not confuse messaging with boring content. Written messages are important, but conversations usually don't start with them, but with elements that attract attention. On Instagram, one in three conversations with a company begins with a Story. More than 150 million contacts of this type are produced per month. WhatsApp handles unreachable numbers for other platforms: 4.5 billion photos, 80 million GIFs, and 1 billion videos are shared every day. The visual sells and brands must get used to capturing customers with careful content.

3-Users contact companies via message. The definitive fact to know that a function will be successful is to check that it is already standardized among users. According to Facebook's research in the markets of the United States, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom, the majority of users claimed to have contacted a company through messaging in the last three months, at a rate of 85% for Brazil, 74% for India and 61% for both the UK and the US market.

From this information, Facebook has also prepared a few recommendations for businesses that launch messaging:

1- The combination is the key. Businesses can choose between bots, automatic messages, or a powerful network of customer service in the different applications from which users can connect to them. Depending on the clientele and their performance on social networks, one way or another will be chosen.

2- Meet user expectations. Messaging has configured a new form of communication: fast, almost instantaneous, close and helped by icons to reinforce a message. The brand must know very well how its audience writes to establish links with it.

3- Expand creativity. Attracting users' attention through audiovisual content is a sure value: cared images, color treatment, GIFs… even Augmented Reality or emojis will be welcome in a strategy to attract new customers.