As if it were a traditional chat program, in which a user can be mentioned and he receives a notification so that he knows that he has been talked about, now on WhatsApp you can also mention contacts in your group conversations.

Group mentions can be disabled in configuration options

The functionality is very simple and works similarly to the mentions on Twitter. When within a group we want to attract the attention of one of the members and send a message to him, we will only have to write his name by adding an @ in front of his name .

The latest WhatsApp update has introduced the option to mention contacts within a group. By writing an "@", a person may be specifically summoned to notify them that they have been written. It is an identical system to that used by Twitter for years.

It is only necessary to write the name manually or select the name of the person we want to mention, and the mention may be at the beginning of the message, in the middle or at the end, it does not matter.

The mention within the WhatsApp group can be seen by all users who are in the group, although only that person to whom it is addressed will receive the notification.

Notifications notifications can be disconnected, choosing the option in the WhatsApp groups preferences section. This will be useful, for example, if we have silenced a group, since if we have the notifications activated, we would continue to receive them despite having decided to ignore the group conversation.

To be able to mention contacts, it is necessary to have the latest WhatsApp update installed. In the case of Android it is version 2.16.259 while in iOS the version is 2.16.10.