There will be no eSports at the Olympics. The IOC President has said that video games, and more specifically eSports (high-level video game competition) promote violence. ESports move competitions followed by hundreds of millions of people, in which prizes and sponsorships reach astronomical figures . In some countries – like Korea – they are followed by more people than traditional sports.

IOC President accuses electronic sports of promoting violence and discrimination, which is why they will not be at the Olympics

Even eSports has debuted as a demonstration at the Asian Games , which is the largest multidisciplinary sports competition behind the Olympics. This is why the possibility of his arrival at the Olympic Games did not seem far-fetched at all, and the atmosphere was certainly receptive to an eventual inclusion.

But the IOC President has expressed his strong disagreement with the inclusion of video games in the event, which could be enough not to see any team from Counter-Strike, Leage of Legends or any other on the podium.

ESports had gotten so close to the competition that the IOC was debating its inclusion. The main stumbling block was that there was no organization that encompassed all players, with its rules and regulations.

That is why the statements of Thomas Bach, the IOC President, who declared that he had no interest in including electronic sports in the Olympics, surprised by his change of reason. Bach said that "killing games" promote violence and discrimination , and therefore cannot be accepted at the Olympics.

The reality is that eSports are living a period of constant growth. Almost every new multiplayer game quickly creates a community that is dedicated to playing it at a high level, with championships, leagues and prizes. It is a matter of time that eSports become sufficiently entrenched in society to appear in competitions linked to traditional sports.