As Telegram has established itself in the market, WhatsApp has had a rival in which to look to gradually improve on issues such as the security of conversations or the ease of sending a voice note without using your hands.

However, the company wants to attract users who still consider Telegram superior when it comes to organizing group chats , which is why it announces news.

Users who leave a group will have much more difficulty re-entering to avoid spam

In this way, the messaging application in the hands of Facebook has launched several new functions in line with what was already implemented in Messenger a few months ago: administrators will have more power than the rest of the chat members.

Specifically, administrators will make the description of the purpose of the group, which will appear below the name.

As new members join the conversation, it will be that message that appears first by default , something that is very reminiscent of the anchored message of the Telegram channels.

On the other hand, only the administrator user decides from now on if all the others can change important elements of the group, such as the name, the image or the description itself.

Another new feature includes an antispam detector; It will be more difficult to re-enter a user who has been removed from the group, although the company has not specified how this particular option will work.

For users, updating groups includes a simpler way to find other chat components through group information.

The aim is for users who do not know each other but are part of the same conversation to open individual chats in a more intuitive way. We will also find a way to read all messages that have to do with us, including mentions and direct responses, using an @ -shaped button , located on the right side of the chat.

The news, which will be part of the next update for iOS and Android, seeks that users spend even more time in the application.

WhatsApp has 1,500 million users , which compared to Telegram's 200 million, still offer WhatsApp a relevant advantage to also be the first option when it comes to bringing together chats with hundreds of users.