Internet users increasingly make online purchases. The users of the network of networks have left behind the fears that were weighing down the growth of electronic commerce and have launched to acquire products on a daily basis through the Internet due to different reasons, among which is the increase in security and trust online, reduced delivery times and many more.

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But undoubtedly one of the main ones is the possibility of saving money when making purchases. Discounts, promotions, contests, Groupon discount codes such as those available at are an incentive that motivates Internet users to make their purchases online. When it comes to helping the pocket at the end of the month, users have found on numerous websites such as a faithful ally in which to make their purchases without having to face large outlays.

-Half of Spaniards buy online at least twice a month

And also, it is done comfortably and from home. It is for all that 50.3% of Spaniards already make purchases in online stores on a regular basis. In fact, that percentage makes at least two purchases a month through the Internet. What's more, 24% of Spaniards confess that they already make more than three purchases through the Internet each month and even 13% say they make at least one weekly online purchase.

These data, which come from the "Observatory on eCommerce habits" prepared by Trusted Shops, show that making online purchases is no longer an activity that worries users and that they have realized the many benefits it has. In fact, only 0.1% of Internet users say that they “never” buy online, a practically non-existent percentage.

-The increase in online trust and security invite Internet users to buy more online

Economic savings is, as we have seen, one of the factors that contribute to the good state of electronic commerce in Spain, but it is not the only one, so is security and trust. And what do Internet users buy on the Internet?

There are sectors and product typologies that are acquired more than others. For example, clothing and fashion are the queen category on the Internet, since 64.5% of users have made an online purchase. Also more than half of Internet users buy airline tickets, train tickets or make hotel and apartment reservations through the network. In fact, more than 57.5% of users have made regular purchases related to travel and the tourism sector.

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But not only clothes and travel is what is bought online. In fact, users are already open to buy anything online, and that's good news. According to the aforementioned report, 33.7% affirm that there is no product that they would not obtain online.

This reality is reflected in the rise of pages offering Groupon discount codes and for other online stores where you can get very interesting promotions for all kinds of products on the Internet. Making purchases in them can mean significant money savings.