Snapchat has registered one of the highest daily traffic figures this quarter since the company began publishing this data in 2017. The video app has reported that it currently has 190 million daily active users, just 1 million less than his highest record.

Snapchat has a 75% reach in users between 13 and 34 years old in the United States

The progressive growth of Snapchat has been mainly linked to the recent launch of its modified version for Android. The update, which was released earlier this month, promised interface improvements, bug fixes, and faster platform development.

The improvements in the app allow Snapchat to reach a global audience, characterized by the majority use of Android devices. However, the app's efforts to conquer large international markets such as India are still very limited.

Faced with competitors like Instagram Stories, Snapchat is still far from regaining an international leadership position. However, if it continues to bet on innovations and updates that give it greater reach outside the United States, the app could become a great rival for Facebook and, above all, for Twitter. In fact, the number of daily users on this network is 134 million, and Snapchat far exceeds it (39.71% more than Twitter).

In addition to its adaptation for Android, another of the factors that has influenced the growth of the social network has been the functions and news that it has incorporated this month. Snapchat has launched games within the platform and has teamed up with Tinder to show their stories on the social dating network, among other innovations.

These changes and improvements have allowed the platform to grow four million more daily users compared to last quarter, an important change considering that its statistics have been quite stable for six months.

Coupled with this, the executive director of the app, Evan Spiegel, has pointed out in a document that Snapchat is currently the longest-reaching platform in the United States for users between 13 and 34 years of age. Specifically, the social network has a reach of 75% in users belonging to this demographic, being above even very popular platforms such as Instagram.