Meeting rooms have become key business areas , where projects, ideas are debated and discussed and solutions are sought. These are key meeting spaces for the daily evolution of the company itself . That is why we must pay special attention to the design and development of these communication environments to offer users a unique experience.

Technology in meeting rooms

The turning point today is marked by integrated technology that facilitates the processes and the activity of the room itself . The tables for meeting rooms are established as the axis on which everything happens, among the examples that we can mention are the integration of retractable monitors . These allow to be used only when needed and hide in the structure of the furniture when they are at rest . We can also include sections for microphones and speakers.

Personal Dock

The table top is the protagonist for its personalization capacity. GESAB has developed the Personal Dock, a space designed for connections where it is the client who decides how to configure it : HDMI, USB, VGA, RJ45, electrical connections, data sockets, etc., almost infinite options.

Wireless mobile chargers

The latest innovation that GESAB has incorporated into the design of these meeting spaces is the incorporation of wireless chargers for mobile devices . This technology allows users to conveniently charge their smartphones while they are working.

Domotized meeting rooms

The equipment of the environment can be completed with the domotization of the meeting room to control all aspects of it : air conditioning, sound system, PC's, lighting, monitors, audiovisuals, etc. These services allow you to have full control at your fingertips and facilitate its use thanks to its intuitive systems.

The meeting rooms , as we have already mentioned above, are collaborative spaces . Increasingly, communications require technological and network support, we are talking about videoconferencing. Companies that have several offices or have needs at any given time to communicate with people , who are geographically hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

Sound in the meeting rooms

For this, sound and audiovisual systems, among which are cameras, systems and monitors are the keys to guarantee fluid conversations , in real time and with quality.

Technology meeting rooms with excellent design

In turn, meeting, decision or board rooms are a great opportunity for companies to show muscle. Technology does not have to be at odds with design . Everything must be integrated into the room and create a balanced atmosphere, a clean and orderly space. The systems are subtly incorporated in the different parts of the room such as walls, table, ceiling, etc. Solutions designed to appear when the user needs them and that are kept hidden to facilitate work in it when they are not necessary.

Personalization is what GESAB proposes for all your projects for meeting rooms. Working side by side with the client allows us to develop completely customized solutions , we are talking about satisfying the real needs of the company.

GESAB has extensive experience in developing these types of projects, adapting to the highest demands. Examples of this are the Sellcom Group meeting room in Mexico City, the decision room at La Casa Árabe or the BBVA Group council room in the Vela building in the Spanish capital. Projects that support the good work of the company; Proof of this are the spectacular facilities that have the latest technology and impeccable design .