Planning a digital marketing strategy can be quite a feat. However, there are tricks and strategies that can help a brand take off and increase its traffic on the web. These tricks can be especially useful in sectors such as blogging, where content is highly specialized and small improvements can make the difference between one portal and another.

It is essential to consolidate the audience by attending to their needs and creating personalized content

That is why today, at TreceBits, we bring you five marketing strategies to improve the operation of your blog and increase user traffic. We show you below:

1. Make sure your blog can be found

There is no use in the work of creating content if your blog cannot be found through search engines. For this, it is essential that you research the keywords that are usually associated with the information you are giving or with content similar to the one you want to show. To carry out this process of selecting keywords, it is essential to put yourself in the reader's shoes and use the terms that may be most useful to him.

2. Work the visual aspect

Humans are visual creatures, so it is essential to stimulate the sense of sight, especially in terms of digital platforms. That is why it is necessary to invest time and resources in developing a digital image that is effective, communicates easily and promotes the identity of the brand.

For this, some experts suggest publishing original images on the blog and not only those that come from image banks. In this sense, original and creative images can help draw the reader's attention and highlight the content. In addition, it is also very useful to include text in the images to attract the reader and clarify the content of the publication.

Coupled with this, it is important that the images used in your blog are also attractive and adaptable to social networks. This can be very useful as it will allow the reader to connect and identify content regardless of where they get it.

Finally, it is important that the publication is intuitive and easy to read for the reader, since, in this way, you guarantee that the latter will be interested in the content and decide to read it in depth. For this you can add titles and subtitles, you highlight, multimedia elements, links, etc.

3. Build a faithful audience

Times have changed, and communication is now directed at individuals and their preferences. That is why it is essential to build a good relationship with the community of followers, attending to their needs, responding to their interactions, etc. Today, more than ever, the direct relationship between brand and user is essential.

To build this community it is very useful to share the content of other individuals. Whether it's through social media or including them in your posts, sharing content from others is a way to appeal to their audience and also to advertise your own content.

In this sense, the use of social networks can be very useful to interact with the audience and create content that is attractive to new readers. However, it is important to remember that authenticity must prevail above all, especially with regard to the new generations that give priority to the human and authentic approach (as we explain in this article).

That is why the publications you make should be with the interaction of sharing information, generating relevant debates and conversations, and even inviting others to participate in the topics you are talking about.

4. Know your target audience

Understanding and getting to know the community around you is essential to consolidate your audience and generate more traffic to your blog. In this sense, it is important to understand the problems of your audience and generate solutions for them, so that they can see value in your content and become fidelic to the blog.

Coupled with this, it is also essential to keep a constant review of the target audience. That is, keeping the vision of the types of users you want to reach up to date and also keeping up to date with their interests, passions and difficulties, with the aim of creating content that adapts to those needs. In this aspect, it is possible to question the audience itself about the kind of content they want to see or prioritize according to their tastes.

5. Use your email to get closer to people

Emails continue to be a fundamental tool to connect with other people and, even, with the audience, through newsletters or personalized notifications. That is why promoting the use of your email can help you connect with people and increase your traffic.

An example of this is using the so-called «Lead Magnet», that is, content that you offer to the audience in exchange for their data. This can serve to send newsletters, update demographic data on your audience, and even improve the creation of promotional ads.

In this sense, when sending emails to readers, it is important that they have a personal approach, that involves the reader and invites them to action through topics of their interest. For this, you can also create a personalized subscription list, where the emails you send depend on the categories that the user prefers. For example, in the case of a tech blog, you could send emails based on categories like hardware, software, updates, etc.

Finally, another trick that can be useful is to send a personal email to the individuals you mention in your publications or through social networks. In this way you can connect directly with them and perhaps you can promote your content, share information with you for future publications or even start to follow your blog.