Taking long trips means that being connected may require more devices than just our mobile phone. If you travel in a backpacker plan, you cannot count on having a hotel always on our heads, which means that WiFi networks and even plugs to the electrical network can become a scarce commodity.

The durability and portability of our devices, as well as the ability to make them work at all times, are essential when traveling

If we are immersed in a trip that goes beyond tourism and we do not want to give up being connected and having the ability to work, this is the list of devices that should not be missing in your backpack.  

iPad Mini 2019

If you can't help but carry work around wherever you go (or you can't get through a day without Netflix) and you need to stay productive, a tablet is the best alternative to a laptop. The iPad Mini presented in February 2019 combines reduced dimensions -with a screen of only 7.9 inches- with a not inconsiderable power, since its A12 Bionic processor is only surpassed by the A12X of the Pro model.

There are several versions depending on their storage capacity and connectivity. Thus, the cheapest version (64 GB and WiFI connectivity) has a price of 449 euros, while the "premium" version (with 256 GB and capacity for mobile connection) increases its cost to 759 euros.

One of its biggest attractions is the price of the cheapest version, especially since the lack of a mobile connection and the possible lack of space can be easily remedied by using a second device as an Internet access point and hiring an AirCloud plan.

The iPad Mini is more than capable of performing almost any task (and with enough battery to do it for approximately ten hours) that we may need, it even has its own video editor and the entire Apple equivalent of the Office package.

Of course, any other tablet is also worth it, but we bet on this one from Apple for its versatility and price.

Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad Mini 4

To turn a tablet into something closer to a laptop to work with, it doesn't hurt to add a keyboard. In this case, the Logitech bet combines a protective case with a special keyboard for IPad with dedicated keys that will sound to users of a Mac.

The keyboard works with Bluetooth, and although it is designed for the previous version of iPad Mini, it adapts perfectly to the 2019 model, since they have the same dimensions. It is recharged with a Micro USB port and has two magnetic holders to place the whole set as if it were indeed a laptop.  

It can be found on Amazon from 80 euros.

“Home” Powerbank with Panasonic Batteries

Choosing a powerbank for the times when we need energy is a difficult undertaking. For many thousands of mAh that manufacturers ensure, in most cases, the actual capacity will be substantially less.  

Therefore, the best solution is to mount your own powerbank, although it is easier than it seems, since you only have to buy the batteries and a housing.

The ideal batteries are the 3,400 mAh batteries from Panasonic, which is the brand that makes batteries for Tesla electric cars. They can be found easily on the Internet, and an order for eight of these batteries will cost around 50 euros.  

The case for this type of batteries (called 18650) can be found in places like Aliexpress, and it is possible to buy one with an LCD screen and capacity for eight units for just over three euros. In this way, you can get a powerbank of very high capacity and good quality for the same or less money than the top of the range options.

X-Dragon Solar Charger

To keep our external battery always charged, we have to rely on the sun. The X-Dragon foldable solar panel comes in several versions: the smallest, 15W, and the largest, with a staggering 40W.

At TreceBits we have tested the 40W version and it is more than compliant. It is capable of charging devices even when there is no direct sunlight and the star hides behind clouds. It weighs around a kg, and once deployed it has a considerable size that is reduced when the device is folded. In addition, it comes with all the connectors that may be needed, so any device can receive its portion of sunlight.

It can be found on Amazon from 104 euros.  

Finally, with the energy needs covered, we must not forget to make sure that our Smartphone is capable of functioning as an Internet access point with a SIM card from the place where we are. With all this, we will be able to have the office available anywhere.