Adding filters, retouching levels, setting saturation, cleaning the skin, changing hair color or eliminating wrinkles, all these actions are part of the daily life of a photographer. Today, image editing is almost an art, partly thanks to the enormous number of applications that exist, which greatly facilitate this work.

With these YouTube channels, users can learn to retouch images, create amazing effects, and train as photographers and graphic artists.

In addition, for all those curious who want to learn, on YouTube there are a large number of channels, with guides, courses and tutorials, with which you can easily learn to process images to achieve a professional result.

To serve as a guide, the user will then be able to find ten YouTube channels in Spanish with which to learn all the Phostoshop tricks and retouch photographs:

– Tripiyon tutorials: A very complete channel where you can learn almost everything about photo retouching and Photoshop. Videos are for all levels, from the most basic to the most advanced.

– PSD Box Spain: A channel with 94,700 subscribers. Very complete, with playlists for all levels. It teaches all kinds of techniques, as well as how to use other editing apps, image manipulation, use of filters and even has content aimed at photographers.

– Learn with Neko: This channel has very complete tutorials for all Photoshop levels. In addition, it has content focused on photography professionals such as camera comparatives, photography manuals and tricks with tips for working with video.

– Connect Tutorials: The channel has a wide variety of videos and tutorials on Photoshop and After Effects. There are videos for all levels and for many tools such as Illustrator or Adobe Flash.

– Pikceles: In Pikceles, the user will find tutorials for Photoshop, with simple tricks such as learning to whiten teeth, reviews and guides of mobile applications and even videos on how to create and publish Augmented Reality filters on Instagram.

– Creatives: In the Creatives channel you can find videos with Speed Paintings with which to hang out, but also tutorials on how to work the color of the compositions, the layers, the background and tools such as Photoshop or After Effects.

-Kike Arnaiz: In the Kike Arnaiz channel the user will find a wide variety of tutorials on photography, focused on professionals, as well as a wide variety of tool courses such as Lightroom CC, Adobe Bridge or Capture One.

-Fabián El Publicista: Another channel with a wide selection of content for photography and graphic design professionals. Although it's very focused on Photoshop videos, with tutorials to create fun effects, it also offers tips for professionals.

– Mr. Zeta: This professional photographer teaches how to work photography, with videos in which he explains how to take professional images with a camera for beginners, how to take selfies or how to use mobile apps to take photographs like a professional.

-RubeGuo: A very complete channel, ideal for those who are starting in the world of photography and retouching, either professionally or as an amateur. It offers many didactic contents dedicated to photography and also to video.