Instagram is testing that purchase tags can be included in the caption of profile posts. It would be the first time that the company allows a link to be included in the text that accompanies photos and videos and this would take the user to the product's sales page.

New Instagram purchase tags in post text are being tested with users in the United States

This new functionality is apparently being tested with a group of users in the United States and currently there is no official information on whether it will be activated for everyone or not. Several Twitter users have noticed that, in the profile of some famous people on Instagram, such as that of ex-Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, a link was included in the text, with an icon similar to a shopping basket.

That is the same icon that is included on product labels that Instagram already allows to include in photos, videos and Stories, which suggests that the functionality is the same. Until now, Instagram did not allow those labels to be included in texts.

If these labels are officially launched in the texts, they would be complemented by the new stores that Facebook has launched and that are accessible both from Facebook and Instagram, interchangeably and function as a single platform. In them, users can navigate between the different product categories and see the specifications of each of the objects that are sold. They also have options to save them to your wish list or you can send them directly to a shopping cart. In this video we tell you how they are.

Once they have finished, they can make the payment directly from Facebook or Instagram , where they will have previously entered their credit card details through Facebook Pay. It will also be possible to pay with other payment systems with which Facebook has agreements, such as PayPal, although this will vary depending on the country.