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Some of the top influencers on social networks have been born in Catalonia. Some are real celebrities on Instagram, such as youtuber Raúl Álvarez (@auronplay), who has more than 5.7 million followers in the photo and video social app, or the multifaceted Aida Domenech (@dulceida), who exceeds the two million followers.

Auronplay has more than 5.7 million followers on Instagram

But they are not the only Catalans who succeed on Instagram. In addition to the two of them, who could be considered the kings of this social network, other users born in Catalonia have experienced significant growth in terms of scope and popularity in the most popular app of the moment.

Taking into account parameters such as engagement, reach, number of followers, the degree of penetration in them and the quality of the content they publish, the SamyRoad agency has made a ranking of the 10 most influential Catalans on Instagram. To them, we add the two aforementioned superstars to create this top 12:

1. Raúl Álvarez (@auronplay) . The popular youtuber has more than 5.7 million followers in the photo application, despite the fact that the medium in which he moves like a fish in water is mainly YouTube.

2. Aida Domenech (@dulceida) . He exceeds two million followers on Instagram and is a regular in advertising campaigns, bus shelters and television programs. Their level of influence is very high among many of the instagramers.

3. Paula Gonu (@paulagonu). In a fun and spontaneous way, she shares her daily life and fashion advice with her more than 1.8 million followers with her partner, Alex Chiner. It appears in the header image of this article.

4. Laura Escanes (@lauraescanes). Popular for her relationship with Risto Mejide, she has made an important niche on Instagram, where she already has more than 1.2 million followers who are aware of her sports routine, trips, restaurants, outfits …

5. Jessica Goicochea (@ goicoechea22) . Also passionate about fashion, she has already worked with firms such as Puma or Calvin Klein. Exceeds one million followers.

6. Patry Jordán (@patryjordan) . A follower of Girona and a pioneer on YouTube, she has 800,000 Instagram followers, where she posts fun photos promoting a healthy lifestyle.

7. Daniel Illescas (@danielillescas). At just 25 years old, Daniel Illescas has risen to fame for his relationship with Laura Matamoros, although he was popular on Instagram for a long time, even when he was "single". It has 725,000 followers.

8. Belén Hostalet (@belenhostalet). He has 785,000 followers and shares his day to day with very careful publications in dream places.

9.Marta Riumbau (@riumbaumarta). Youtuber pioneer, has more than 495,000 followers on Instagram. She is a fashion designer and her dog Milo also stars in many of her publications.

10. Álex Domenech (@alexdomenec). Dulceida's little brother has more than 418,000 followers with his charisma and style.

11. Aretha Fusté (@arethalagalleta) . More than 338,000 followers share their day to day with their inseparable dog Mia.

12. Sergio Turull (@pitufollow) . He has more than 53,000 followers with whom he interacts about the importance of practicing sport and leading a healthy life.