For a brand, having a presence on the Internet is an imperative. However, advertising is not enough, it is necessary to generate interesting and quality content that serves in some way to improve the customer experience.

Generating non-stop posts, videos or images without losing sight of the ultimate goal of your business strategy requires preparation. Also, having a few tricks to get aroused will always be a good idea.

Event calendars are a safe bet to create content, but precisely for that reason they should not be abused.

1. Monitor the competition, without copying it. First of all, the reference can start from what your competitors are doing.

Analyzing at all times whether the movements of other brands in the same sector are working well or poorly offers perspective on where our company should also be heading. It does not consist in imitating the rest, but in trying to give a different approach to that content that we already see working.

2. Search for trends. The experts in the field of action of our brand will also be reference when it comes to wondering where the content should focus. More promotion, contests, outreach, scientific studies, customer testimonials, free trials … Ideas can start in Facebook groups or Instagram comments. It is where the true trends are that have not yet saturated the audience.

3. Data is always welcome . Offering as proof of the solvency of our brand the customer satisfaction data, the number of consumers or the ranking in which the business is located within the sector is a reliable guarantee for the company, and also a source of content. Show infographics, create animations … they are ways of attracting attention to numbers, which provide confidence.

4. Show your knowledge. If our business organizes events, contests, or appointments that can be covered, it is an opportunity to show users the professionalism of the service. In fact, everything that can be recorded to show the client will reinforce the idea that it is a legit company. If we work with a restaurant, offering recipes of the star dishes on the menu, or how to make certain desserts, gives a business image committed to its audience, and the profit will grow.

5. Take advantage of live videos. Following the same idea of becoming accessible to the public is the opportunity offered by social networks today: live videos. With them, the company can show the staff or those responsible for managing the brand. Empathizing with the business also reinforces the feeling of loyalty, key when building a community.

6. Stay tuned for key dates. One of the most obvious resources, and perhaps for that reason less recommended, is to attend to the calendar of events. What dates are important to the audience? The content of those specific days will be given, but it will lose originality because the rest of the competitors will also highlight the same. So it is a good measure that should not be abused.

7. Always look for a purpose. Before creating any content, you have to ask yourself how it will impact the client. Creating new material takes time; This can help promote goal attainment by not posting for posting.