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When facing the management of social networks in corporate environments, preventing any delicate situation is essential. One of the main functions of the Social Media Plan is to lay the foundations for action so that Community managers know how to deal with any unexpected situation and develop their work based on objectives and a fixed strategy.

44% of Spanish communication managers say they have suffered a 2.0 crisis

The elaboration and effective application of the Social Media Plan is essential if you want to be successful on social networks. Its creation is not an easy task, although more and more companies are aware of the need for a well-defined action protocol.

This is even more important given the possibility of a 2.0 crisis . Fear of communication crises paralyzes the performance of many companies on social networks. However, there is no need to fear that they will occur, but rather fear not knowing how to react when they occur.

According to the study "Brands with a social conscience: Leadership against the new B2B2C consumer" prepared by the communication agency Hotwire, 84% of those responsible for communication and marketing of Spanish companies are "very concerned" about the impact of a reputational crisis in their organizations.

However, worldwide the percentage is 64%. Spanish managers are more concerned, possibly due to ignorance of the channels and the best way to act in each case.

The report indicates that 44% of Spanish communication and marketing managers have been involved in a communication crisis. Of course, before them, most professionals have an action plan on social networks (58%), while 52% claim to have a crisis communication plan.

However, only 48% of those surveyed claim to have the organization's values well defined in the event of a crisis, despite the fact that 63% do consider that their organization perfectly reflects its values in their daily communication. The problem comes when facing a crisis, where the strength of corporate values is not so clear.