Currently, online presence is essential for any company, business and individual. That is why it is essential to work on how our online presence looks and, especially in the case of companies, how our website looks.

To design a successful website it is important to maintain a homogeneous aesthetic and offer our services by encouraging interaction.

For this, above all, we must take into account certain basic ideas for the creation of our website. However, once created, the most important thing is to design the website so that it clearly reflects what we want to transmit to the public and, in turn, is attractive to the user.

That is why at TreceBits we bring you some tips on what you should and should not do to have a successful home page or home page.

In principle, the most important thing is to create a homogeneous aesthetic , which helps the user to remember your brand and transmit professionalism and confidence. For this, it is important to consistently use the same color palette, as well as the same combination of fonts. The excess of either of these two elements is distracting.

On the other hand, it is important that our website clearly reflects the services provided or the products sold. In this sense, it is not very effective to make a list of what is offered. Instead, it is preferable to encourage the user to learn more about the brand, offering services in response to their problems and showing alternatives to which they can have access if, for example, subscribe to the page newsletter.

In addition, it is also important to include samples of public recognition , such as the testimony of a client or employer. This gives the reader a feeling of confidence and strengthens the credibility of our website.

Finally, it is recommended to include the links to social networks in the footer of the web. In this way, the user can connect with the information and then decide to access the networks to learn more about the brand. When placing the networks at the beginning, there is little probability that the user clicks just by entering the web.

To better explain these tips, we have created an infographic that shows, in the structure of a web page, how content should be organized and what should not be done in the design of our website.