Calendar to prepare your online store for Black Friday

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Black Friday is just around the corner. There is less than a month left to celebrate the one that for a few years has been the most important date for any Internet business, the one that traditionally marks the beginning of the Christmas campaign and the one that can mean the days of most sales for any SME or small business that has prepared the moment in advance.

Having everything ready for the arrival of such an important moment for all eCommerce as Black Friday -and the following Monday, Cybermonday- is not easy. It is not as simple as lowering the price of some products and hanging the "offer" poster on the website. To get the most out of this date and to increase sales as much as possible, it is necessary to prepare in advance and check that all areas of the business are prepared to offer the best service and optimize the campaign.

In this sense, the Wix company has launched a campaign to help eCommerce companies make the most of the upcoming Black Friday and has produced an interesting calendar that allows businesses to check whether or not they are ready for the arrival of the days when that more online purchases are made in the year. Step by step, following each of the steps in the checklist, with it you can check if you are ready to sell more and get more benefits.

The first of the points is to have the online store ready. If you don't have it, Wix offers all the necessary tools to create an online store in a matter of minutes and without having any computer knowledge. It is very simple and you have tutorials and professional help if you need it.

It is never too late to start your online business. Surely you've ever thought of an idea that would allow you to work from home (and if not, take a look at all the ones we recommend in the article to which the link is directed). What yes, in these dates so marked, whether you start from scratch or if you already have an online site to sell, to get the most out of Black Friday you must have enough stock. That would be the second of the recommendations: make sure that we have enough product to face all the sales that could arrive on these important dates.

Another of the key points that are remembered in the Wix calendar is optimizing the online store for navigation through mobiles and tablets. Most of the Internet browsing is already done on the move and more than 50% of online purchases are made from the mobile phone. That is why it is so important to ensure that the mobile version of the web works properly and provides the user with a pleasant experience that facilitates the purchase process.

Choosing competitive discounts on certain products that may have a pull is essential, as well as starting to promote Black Friday offers well in advance, at least two weeks before the appointed date arrives. This will create expectations in users and promote the desire to purchase the product or service, in addition to achieving a word of mouth effect if consumers recommend the discounts we are going to offer.

SEO is essential. Here we offer you some tips to improve the positioning of your online store. Also, as WiX remembers in its marketing calendar to prepare for Black Friday, creating an SEO-optimized landing page will help improve your sales. If you manage to direct users to that special site where your offers appear for Black Friday and Cybermonday, you will be able to maximize sales, especially if they do not have vanishing points or other information that may distract them. The user who wanted to buy a product will be able to do it comfortably and quickly.

Another tip to keep in mind, as recognized by WiX, is to create content for social networks. They are very interesting channels when it comes to attracting traffic to the eCommerce website, especially if they have worked throughout the year and have managed to create a community of users related to the brand, identifying with its values. This requires paying attention to Social Media during the 12 months of the year and, especially on a specific date like this, it requires creating interesting content for social networks and, above all, clearly communicating the offers and benefits that are prepared for Black Friday.

Carrying out an emailing campaign is also highly recommended, as well as establishing a customer service channel. For example, WiX has a chat tool with which it will be easy to answer user questions and manage orders, in real time and without much effort.

These are some of the keys to reach the target audience and prepare the business for Black Friday. Remember that it is the day when the most online sales occur in the year, so it is necessary to prepare properly and not leave loose ends if you want to make the most of it and achieve the goal of increasing your turnover. Happy sale!