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After the announcement made a few days ago of the withdrawal of adult content from Tumblr starting on December 17, many users of the platform wonder if some of their own published or sticker content will be hidden forever.

Tumblr to remove adult content on December 17

Tumblr has detailed what kind of content will not appear again on the social network, those in which explicit sex scenes are published or genitalia appear, and which will not be filtered, such as mothers breastfeeding or sanitary scenes such as childbirth. In addition, Android users will have at their disposal a button to claim the platform if they do not agree with the removal of a post for sexual reasons.

In any case, many Tumblr members do not want to risk losing some of their posts and prefer to leave these contents safe on their hard drives. Here we explain a simple step-by-step guide to download the contents of the platform.

First, you need to go to the account settings panel located in the person-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once in this panel, you have to select from which blog you want to export the data, looking on the right side of the screen. It is likely that, since Tumblr allows you to have different blogs in the same account, several different headings appear in the list on the right. It is necessary to repeat this process with all the blogs individually since there is no option to download all at once.

Once you have selected the blog from which you want to download the data, just press the "Export" option. After this operation, Tumblr will begin to create a backup of the blog content, this process can take several hours depending on the amount of content.

Once the file is ready for download, the backup message will disappear and an option to " Download Backup " will be enabled. When this button is clicked, the platform will provide the user with a ZIP file with the requested data.

This ZIP will contain a folder with all the publications and drafts in an HTML file, a folder that will contain all the multimedia files associated with the blog, be they photos, audios, video or GIFs, and an XTML file with all the publications and conversations.

It is not uncommon for us to go to bed just to stay awake for a couple more hours. Guilty? Probably Twitter, YouTube, or any page that keeps us awake browsing the security of our beds. Despite being a good time to relax, this can rob us of sleep time, ultimately making us sleep worse.

The mobile can be an obstacle to proper sleep hygiene … but it can also be an ally at bedtime

Unfortunately, the negative effects at bedtime accumulate, and it is not uncommon that after a few days of poor or poor sleep, we completely disrupt our circadian rhythm. For this reason, we present five tips that you can carry out with your mobile to get less rest.

-If you are going to use the mobile, better audio: It is tempting to use our mobile before sleeping, but this is not the most indicated for several reasons. One of them is the excess of blue light on the screen, which according to various studies, can "trick" the brain into thinking that it is still daylight, which can affect sleep. On the other hand, audiovisual content will better capture our attention, forcing us to stay awake.

That is why if we want to consume some type of content before sleeping, it is best that we opt for some audio. Whether it is a podcast, the radio or some music, the fact of not exposing ourselves to a screen and having our eyes closed, will help us fall asleep faster and not strain our eyes.

-Use an app to measure your sleep: There are many apps to measure our sleep cycle, some of which we will show you in this article. These applications allow us to monitor our night habits, which can be essential for proper sleep hygiene.

If we can find out where in the night we have the most troubled sleep, perhaps we can find the cause and remedy it. In addition, these applications provide a sense of continuity that surely makes us delve into the quality of our night's rest.

-Apps to calibrate the screen color : The aforementioned blue light can be a problem. If we can not avoid using the screen at night, there are many applications that calibrate the color of the screen from a certain time. In the case of iPhone, this function, called Night Shift, is integrated. These apps make the screen have warmer colors, making them ideal for use at night.

-Use background noise : Many people sleep better with background sound. Rain, storm, the sea … any monotonous low intensity sound can count to make us dive into the sheets much faster. There are many apps to achieve this, and you can even use smart speakers for this purpose. Some apps, such as Sleep Tracker, in addition to monitoring sleep have tools to hear background noise.

-Leave the mobile outside the room : Despite all of the above, the best solution (if you have the necessary willpower) is to leave your mobile outside the room. In this way, in addition to not consulting it at odd hours, in the morning, when we get up, we will make an extra effort to go off the alarm, which undoubtedly contributes to starting the day more active.

One of the latest updates to Facebook's terms of use when it comes to addressing issues involving sexual issues has caused a stir among members of the social network, which have spread the hoax that Facebook does not allow to talk about its sexual orientation.

The heading "Request for sexual services", in which the company details a series of non-publishable content on the platform, such as "recruiting people for sexual activities" or "asking for sex", have alerted some users who fear they cannot express themselves openly.

Some users have fed the hoax that Facebook does not allow to talk about sexual orientation, a false fact, censorship only involves sexual requests

However, from the company they explain that users should feel free when it comes to telling or debating about their sexual orientation, as long as their publications do not contradict the terms of use . Saying "I'm gay" is not the same as "I am looking for someone to … (a phrase with sexual content)". The first part does not contravene Facebook's policies, the second does.

Facebook explains that these changes in content policies are motivated by the old rules of use that did not make a good distinction between the contents of “Sexual exploitation”, such as “My ex was a p ***. Look at the photos he sent me ”, and the publications related to“ Sexual request ”, such as“ I am looking for swingers. Next Saturday at (place), put on a blue shirt. ”

These differences in content led the company's reviewers to confusion. With this change in policies that took place in October, both publications were clearly and undoubtedly violating the rules of use of the social network.

Facebook is aware that many users have used the social network to find partners or share sensitivities related to sexual practices, so it began testing its Facebook Dating tool earlier this year.

Despite the fact that it has not yet been officially launched -only in Colombia- and only having been tested in certain territories, the application caused Match Group, the company that owns most dating apps like Tinder, to lose up to 20 % of its value when Facebook started these tests.

The mobile games sector is one of the mainstays on which the technology industry is investing more efforts. Every year dozens of companies see their status and finances go up, and also go down, based on the entertainment products they develop.

So that you can have the best time with your phone, here we leave you with a list of some of the best mobile games that have seen the light of day in 2018:

-Alto's Adventure: This game available for iOS Android is based on the real experience of snowboarding. Through tricks and the acquisition of coins along the way, players add points and access new levels.

At the visual level it is a very pleasant game in which the backgrounds are dynamic to represent different atmospheric phenomena. In addition, it has its own TV application, available for 4.99 euros, for users to share their games.

-PUBG Mobile: The game, developed by Tencent Games, is based on the Battle Royale system and has conquered the mobiles of millions of players around the world.

Available for free for iOS and Android, this app has powerful graphics and a wide arsenal of real weapons so that lovers of war games can enjoy a great combat experience.

-Sega Heroes: one of the best games of 2018 that takes us back a few years back to remind us of some of the most popular characters in the SEGA universe.

Through battles in which a series of gems are used to attack enemies, characters like Sonic and his gang must defeat their opponents until they reach the final bosses. This free game is only available in the Google Play Store.

-Battlelands Royale: This game, based on the same system as PUBG Mobile, is designed to enjoy survival mode with a less realistic graphic appearance.

Available for Android and iOS, this game engages users from around the world in 32-player games, and can also be played cooperatively with colleagues to make conquering the arena easier.

-Riptide GP: Renegade: This paid game, costs € 3.49 in the App Store and in the Google Play Store, is one of the best racing simulators of 2018.

In a futuristic universe, several jet ski riders maneuver through the channels of a city, fleeing from the police and challenging other riders, both in arcade mode and online with other players.

-Pumped BMX: This video game series has several different apps. There are paid and free versions with some particular features, but in general all come to allow the player to perform impossible tricks at the controls of a BMX. These apps are available for iOS and Android.

-Dandara: one of the most downloaded paid games during 2018. It is a platform video game with 2D graphics (reminiscent of the first Super Mario) in which a heroine has to combine her attacks with speed and strategy to be able to reach the final level. Its price for iOS and Android is 15 euros.

-Beholder: This is a game inspired by a totalitarian state in which the player is in charge of monitoring the tenants of a building so that their activities do not jeopardize the established power. This game, available for Android and iOS, has a free trial, but to access the entire game you have to pay 4.49 euros.

-Hero Hunters: This first-person shooter is inspired by a futuristic universe. The mission consists of defeating the enemies forming a team of 5 different heroes, there are 40 available, with different abilities. Available for free for Android and iOS, this game also has a cooperative mode to play online with friends.

-Bowmasters: One of the best-rated games by users in 2018, Bowmasters basically consists of killing your rival by throwing the most crazy weapons and avoiding the obstacles that stand between the characters. This game is free and available for Android and iOS.

This year is coming to an end and 2019 is approaching at full speed. We have already seen some things that promise to be trending over the next year, such as the use of voice, and the use of Facebook Groups. When it comes to digital marketing, strategies should vary as frequently as the market and available tools do.

The beginning of the year is a great time to take a look at our strategy, see what works, what doesn't, and consider new paths.

Therefore, for next year, it is convenient to review our strategy and modify it where necessary.

-Check how you are using social media (and don't be afraid to abandon some): The beginning of the year is a good time to take a look at what role social media has played in our marketing strategy. Perhaps we are investing extra effort in some platform that does not produce good results or that is no longer so relevant to our objective.

You have to ask yourself what social networks we are using, if they are important, and what type (and how much) traffic each one reports. It may be beneficial to abandon certain social networks if they consume a lot of resources and return few results.

If after a long time on a social network we have not achieved a good audience, it may be that there simply is no audience for us on that platform. Sometimes it is better to focus on what works or find a new place than to commit to something that does not pay off.

-Video is shaping up to be the future: Video is what triumphs, whether it is to monetize content or make itself known. There are dozens of ways to launch video content. YouTube is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but do not neglect Facebook, Instagram and even Tik Tok.

The formats are also varied. It seems that the Story (short videos) format of Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok are the ones that succeed (in part, due to their ease of reaching followers), but we must not forget that live videos are gaining a lot of traction in what that digital marketing refers to.

-Update your social media accounts: Our profiles on various platforms should not be out of date. The header and profile images must be current and appropriate to the page format. Our biography and information about us or our business must be correct and the links must work. It seems very basic, but it is also very important for digital marketing.

-Schedule your content: Creating a program with the content to be published can be tremendously useful. Obviously, there will be occasions when improvisation has to be prioritized, but having the content planned in advance will help us to solve situations as frustrating as not knowing what to publish.

Most platforms also allow content to be automatically uploaded to the user's liking, so don't forget to use these tools in our planning process.

Google announced last week that Allo, its less prolific instant messaging app, would be closed for good in March next year. Despite its modest success (less than 50 million downloads since its launch in 2016), Allo users are expected to want to retain their conversation histories and all existing data in their Allo profiles. To do this, they will have until the application closes.

Allo will allow until the day of its closing to download the data stored in the profile, both conversations and multimedia files sent and received

From Google report that after the end of Allo support, all messages contained on the servers, including backups, will be permanently deleted. To avoid this destination, users can download their data in the following way:

To be able to download the histories of conversations and of the files sent (photos, videos, etc …) you have to go to "Settings", and once there, click on "Chats" . Here you can find two options: one to download the conversations in text format and the other to download all the stored multimedia files that we have sent or received.

Either option that can be selected will result in a downloadable file. In the case of conversations, a .csv file with each of the chats, and in the case of multimedia content, a .zip file with the contents inside.

In this way, the data that we have generated in Allo on our phones can be saved . The deadline to do this coincides with the end of Allo support, which will be in March 2019. Until then, users who have chosen Google's bet for instant messaging will have time to think of an alternative to emigrate to.

Christmas is coming, and with it, a lot of headaches when choosing the perfect gift. If you don't want to fail, give away a smartphone.

Christmas is the perfect time to change terminals and update. There is an option for all budgets, so if you do not want to fail, take a look at our list to find out which phone you have to give to get it right.

TreceBits helps you choose a balanced mobile for this Christmas: price and benefits go hand in hand at these terminals

-Moto G6

The Moto G6 is available on Amazon for 200 euros. It is a large phone that incorporates all the usual improvements, with good performance and an acceptable price. It is the definition of mid-range, oriented to audiovisual content and that allows you to do little things with mobile photography.

In short, the Moto G6 is a good option for all those who need to change their mobile in an affordable way but without sacrificing benefits.

-Samsung A7

The 2018 version of the Galaxy A7 can be found from 349 euros, but is currently discounted by 296 euros. One of the most notable features of the Galaxy A7 is its triple camera. The set consists of three lenses of 24, 5 and 8 megapixels. The third sensor allows a 120-degree field of view to be covered , resulting in wide-angle photos. Accustomed to mobile phones with at least two lenses on the back, this change adds a new dimension to photography.

-Moto E5 Plus

The Moto E5 Plus can be found for 169 euros, which is a fairly affordable price compared to the mid-range that we can find in stores. It is a very good purchase for those who need a practical terminal that does not need to have high performance and that also suits a small budget.

-BQ Aquaris X2 Pro

This Spanish BQ phone is a more than worthy contender in the mid-range. If you want to slightly increase performance, we recommend purchasing the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 internal storage. The Aquaris X2 Pro can be found from 349 euros in its version of 4 GB of RAM and 64 of ROM.

-Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 7 Plus is a good mid-range mobile that can be found from 315 euros . It is a large phone, but that, added to the quality of its screen, becomes a plus for many users. It is a terminal of the new range of Nokia phones, which have all the features that are becoming strong in the market.

You have probably heard of Tinder, which is one of the most famous dating apps out there. Of course, it is not the only one. There is a wide variety of apps to meet people: free, paid, for women, for people with fetishes, gays, lesbians … if you take a look, you will see that the offer is wide and there is an app that suits your preferences.

In the world of dating apps, there are many alternatives, whatever you are looking for.

In this article we are going to talk about five dating apps that are not talked about as much as the most famous ones.

Bumble : Known as the Tinder for women, one of its most important features is the timer. In Bumble, it is the women who have to send a message first and if the person who receives the message does not reply within 24 hours, they lose the possibility of replying.

This timer is designed to encourage people to interact, although it can certainly contribute to missing opportunities if for some reason we are without looking at the mobile for more than 24 hours.

Hinge: Hinge searches for partners based on common Facebook contacts. This is based on the idea that if someone is a friend of friends or family that someone has on Facebook, they could be the right person for having passed the filter of people close to users. Perhaps because of this closeness, Hinge is more focused on lasting relationships.

Coffee Meets Bagel: This app aspires to be a kind of deeper Tinder. The profiles allow a higher level of personalization, and every night, it is the app that sends a match to the users.

In addition, the application suggests phrases to introduce yourself and to break the ice. It also has various notifications that remind users to talk to their matches, so it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

The League: This app calls itself an "elite" flirting app. It is necessary to apply for admission, and to obtain it, work and academic training are taken into account, so sending the LinkedIn profile is necessary.

In some cases, the waiting list is long, so the process may take longer than it is worth. This flirting app bases all its charm on the concept of exclusivity and belonging to a select group, so it may not be liked by everyone.

Her: This flirting app is exclusively dedicated to women. Although almost all apps of this style have options for LGBTQ users, there are specific apps that may be preferred by members of this group. In Her's case, the audience is lesbian and bisexual women.

Starting December 17, Tumblr will ban porn on its platform. This change in site policies has generated an exodus that is growing more and more. Tumblr users are looking for a place to settle and they may have found it: it's called Pillowfort , and while it's not quite ready, it looks promising among the community that is ditching Tumblr.

Users leaving Tumbr seem to have found a new place… although it is still in beta

Its operation is similar to Tumblr. It allows you to publish photos, texts, illustrations and GIFs and share it with the entire community. You can publish content publicly or privately, but Pillowfort's idea is to share each other's work with all other users. Including content of a sexual nature.

Pillowfort is not quite ready, as it was released at the beginning of the year, after being financed through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, only a few users who received invitations to enter the beta of the site.

Despite being a closed site and, according to its users, still not very functional, the promise of a site in which to share all kinds of content has led to the team of developers receiving thousands of requests to register since the Tumblr announcement that It has been the end point for adult content.

It is clear that in this very early phase of development, Pillowfort is not prepared to receive hundreds of thousands of users, but its growing fame could pave the way to become the new Tumblr. Until now, only 700 users were in the Pillowfort beta phase, so their development team (of three people) could handle the project without problems.

And while the team says Pillowfort was not designed to be Tumblr, but an alternative, the platform's name is being heard more and more. If you are looking for a site similar to Tumblr, maybe you should follow Pillowfort's development closely.

Last year, Facebook launched digital newspaper subscription options for Instant Articles. Instant Articles offers a series of tools for digital media, fully optimized for mobile devices, that allow articles to load faster or use functions such as 360-degree photos in texts, for example.

The Fcebook digital press subscription system will soon receive an expansion in terms of tools and content

The idea is that with Instant Articles digital publishers could better monetize their content and better connect with their audience. In fact, according to Facebook, Instant Articles content gets 20% more clicks and 30% more are shared.

Now, Facebook decides to once again expand Instant Articles' subscription program (which was expanded last June) to allow more publishers to post paid content on Facebook.

In this way, the portals that make content for Instant Articles and work with this social network system will see how their content is placed above the increasingly reduced organic reach of the social network.

In addition to adding more media, Instant Articles also includes other new features, such as reducing the time it takes to register, which will be easier and up to 75% less time consuming.

Finally, the social network has added a function called «Welcome Screen» which is aimed at making users follow the page in the middle of which they are reading an article.