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As it has been recently known, social networks are giving way to messaging apps for users who share news with their acquaintances. This new interaction model that is configured now is remarkable for brands and companies, considering that by the end of the year, 78% of smartphone users worldwide will have sent a message via these channels on a monthly basis.

Users access companies through messaging on different platforms

For this reason, messaging will also become involved in business marketing strategies, sooner rather than later. Sponsored by the fear of privacy breaches, the craze for messaging apps to review, recommend a brand, or share information about a service will not stop growing.

Facebook has produced a report in which it encourages companies to focus more on apps like Messenger or WhatsApp Business than on Facebook or Instagram. These are the main observations:

1-Messaging grows and will continue to do so. For 51% of the users surveyed by the company, messaging apps have displaced other forms of communication, 80% send messages on a daily basis and 67% admit to having increased the use of these apps in the last two years.

2-The messages are not just text . Businesses should not confuse messaging with boring content. Written messages are important, but conversations usually don't start with them, but with elements that attract attention. On Instagram, one in three conversations with a company begins with a Story. More than 150 million contacts of this type are produced per month. WhatsApp handles unreachable numbers for other platforms: 4.5 billion photos, 80 million GIFs, and 1 billion videos are shared every day. The visual sells and brands must get used to capturing customers with careful content.

3-Users contact companies via message. The definitive fact to know that a function will be successful is to check that it is already standardized among users. According to Facebook's research in the markets of the United States, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom, the majority of users claimed to have contacted a company through messaging in the last three months, at a rate of 85% for Brazil, 74% for India and 61% for both the UK and the US market.

From this information, Facebook has also prepared a few recommendations for businesses that launch messaging:

1- The combination is the key. Businesses can choose between bots, automatic messages, or a powerful network of customer service in the different applications from which users can connect to them. Depending on the clientele and their performance on social networks, one way or another will be chosen.

2- Meet user expectations. Messaging has configured a new form of communication: fast, almost instantaneous, close and helped by icons to reinforce a message. The brand must know very well how its audience writes to establish links with it.

3- Expand creativity. Attracting users' attention through audiovisual content is a sure value: cared images, color treatment, GIFs… even Augmented Reality or emojis will be welcome in a strategy to attract new customers.

Being an influencer does not only mean gathering a large number of followers on any social network. Beyond that, to generate influence it is necessary for the person to create stable ties of trust with their followers and to encourage conversation with them, encouraging them to participate in dialogues or interact with their publications.

The contestant of Operación Triunfo Roi Méndez is the influencer that generates the most engagement on Instagram

The ability to capture the attention of the audience and the frequency with which the interaction with the followers occurs are two of the key indicators to know if an influencer has engagement with his community or not.

The ability to generate engagement is a key element that brands should take into account when choosing the influencer with which to develop their marketing campaigns. Selecting the right person is essential if you want to be successful in generating an influencer marketing campaign.

The SamyRoad platform has compiled a list of the 10 Spanish influencers with the best capacity to generate interaction with their followers on Instagram. According to this company, it would be the following:

1. Roi Méndez (@ roi_ot2017). Engagement 23%
2. Alex Chiner (@alexchiner). Engagement 21%
3. HiClavero (@hiclavero). Engagement 20%
4. Carla Laubalo (@laubalo). Engagement 18.7%
5. Pablo Castellano (@ pablocastellano86). Engagement 18.2%
6. Vicky Gomez (@ vickygom3z). Engagement 17.28%
7. David Rees (davidrees). Engagement 17.21%
8. Izhan Go (@izhan_go). Engagement 16.4%
9. María Valero (@ mariavalero22). Engagement 16.1%
10. Judith Jaso (@jasojudith). Engagement 15%

As can be seen in the ranking, this is headed by the contestant of Operación Triunfo 2017 Roi Méndez , who would be the one who has managed to generate more engagement with the more than 511,000 followers he has on the social network of photographs and videos.

Interestingly, her dance teacher at the academy – and winner of the talent show Fama – also slips into the top 10 of the list. Alex Chiner and youtuber HiClavero are the ones who complete the top 3 among the influencers with the most engagement on Instagram in Spain.

GIFs seem to be the perfect complement to boost online content. Its particular golden age is emerging in recent years, as GIFs are over 30.

Platforms like Instagram or Snapchat and social media popularized repetitive video clips that already shade emojis. With them, users express emotions and give a concrete meaning to the written message that is published through these apps.

Artists and companies can create their own GIFs for users to use on Instagram and Snapchat for free

However, more and more companies are also seeing a vein in GIFs. Not only as a way to join fashion and speak the same language as its customers, but as a hallmark; In this way, many brands are configuring their own GIFs.

Attention is drawn to these icons from all sectors, although it is beverages and cosmetic products that have previously launched into the creation of their own content: Coca-Cola, Ron Malibu, Benefit Cosmetics …

These companies partner with fashion platforms in this field, Instagram and Snapchat, to promote their brand through GIFs. Users can include them in a limited way in their own Stories, creating unique content.

The idea is that it is easier to communicate feelings through GIF images than through the yellow faces of emojis.

The vein that for Instagram and Snapchat is assuming the entry of custom GIFs and stickers is recent; Snapchat started the adventure with geostickers, stickers that users could include in their posts if they were at a certain point on the map. Instagram did the same and raised the bet on eventual stickers that have ended up being perennial, such as those that took place on the occasion of pride or the celebration of mental health day.

Both companies work with Giphy, the central platform for GIFs and in which it is easy to include your own. Many artists and small companies can give themselves visibility in this way, and all they have to do is have an account open on the platform and that the designs have been created with a transparent background.

For a brand, having a presence on the Internet is an imperative. However, advertising is not enough, it is necessary to generate interesting and quality content that serves in some way to improve the customer experience.

Generating non-stop posts, videos or images without losing sight of the ultimate goal of your business strategy requires preparation. Also, having a few tricks to get aroused will always be a good idea.

Event calendars are a safe bet to create content, but precisely for that reason they should not be abused.

1. Monitor the competition, without copying it. First of all, the reference can start from what your competitors are doing.

Analyzing at all times whether the movements of other brands in the same sector are working well or poorly offers perspective on where our company should also be heading. It does not consist in imitating the rest, but in trying to give a different approach to that content that we already see working.

2. Search for trends. The experts in the field of action of our brand will also be reference when it comes to wondering where the content should focus. More promotion, contests, outreach, scientific studies, customer testimonials, free trials … Ideas can start in Facebook groups or Instagram comments. It is where the true trends are that have not yet saturated the audience.

3. Data is always welcome . Offering as proof of the solvency of our brand the customer satisfaction data, the number of consumers or the ranking in which the business is located within the sector is a reliable guarantee for the company, and also a source of content. Show infographics, create animations … they are ways of attracting attention to numbers, which provide confidence.

4. Show your knowledge. If our business organizes events, contests, or appointments that can be covered, it is an opportunity to show users the professionalism of the service. In fact, everything that can be recorded to show the client will reinforce the idea that it is a legit company. If we work with a restaurant, offering recipes of the star dishes on the menu, or how to make certain desserts, gives a business image committed to its audience, and the profit will grow.

5. Take advantage of live videos. Following the same idea of becoming accessible to the public is the opportunity offered by social networks today: live videos. With them, the company can show the staff or those responsible for managing the brand. Empathizing with the business also reinforces the feeling of loyalty, key when building a community.

6. Stay tuned for key dates. One of the most obvious resources, and perhaps for that reason less recommended, is to attend to the calendar of events. What dates are important to the audience? The content of those specific days will be given, but it will lose originality because the rest of the competitors will also highlight the same. So it is a good measure that should not be abused.

7. Always look for a purpose. Before creating any content, you have to ask yourself how it will impact the client. Creating new material takes time; This can help promote goal attainment by not posting for posting.

Carrying out email marketing campaigns can be very beneficial for any company, no matter how large it is, since this channel allows you to communicate with clients and potential clients who have given their express consent quickly and directly. Among its advantages is the possibility of spreading the company’s services and products more widely, bringing quality traffic to its website, increasing the customer base …

However, not all companies can invest large amounts of money to create a newsletter or to send emails on a scheduled basis to their customer bases. Others think that developing this will suppose the consumption of many resources and that they will not have time for it …

For both of us, we could recommend the use of software for sending mass mailings such as Mailrelay, the tool that we have been testing in recent weeks and which allows you to create newsletters, send mailings and manage the list of subscribers in a simple way.

One of its main attractions is that its use is free during the first 75,000 shipments that are made, with up to 15,000 subscribers, with no time limit. Exceeding those figures, you should opt for a premium plan and pay a monthly fee.

But until that time comes, having a free account enables you to use all the features Mailrelay has. For example, advanced account statistics can be accessed to know all the details about campaigns and how subscribers interact with them at all times.

Another feature that makes the use of Mailrelay as an email marketing tool interesting is the Smartdelivery technology, which uses its own algorithms to analyze the results of the campaigns and henceforth improve the deliverability of the shipments.

In addition, all users of the platform – also those who have a free account – have an expert advisor assigned to answer any questions and help you better understand the operation and performance of your emailings.

It should also be mentioned that it is one of the few tools on the market that offer self-responders, even for their free accounts. In addition, it has numerous predefined templates, the ability to perform A / B tests and segment emails, RSS feeds, filter installation … and it even incorporates a bounced email control that will clean the subscriber database, eliminating those emails that are no longer be active.

In addition, as it is a 100% proprietary software, email marketing campaigns can be fully customized and even Mailrelay can be integrated into the company’s CRM.

Finally, if you are concerned about complying with the new European legislation on data protection, you should know that Mailrelay has all the servers, IPs and infrastructure in European territory, so your company will strictly comply with the current law when handling the subscriber database and send with this tool.

You have more information in the following video:

“Leave the digital image of our business … in the hands of another company? Phew!” We understand. Perfectly, too. Choosing among the hundreds of Internet marketing companies that swarm around the Internet is a very important decision. And complex! We help you have all the information you need to make the best possible decision.

Not without my digital marketing agency

“And this thing about online marketing … can’t I manage it myself?” We will answer with more questions. Are you an SEO expert? And on social networks? And in Adwords? Do you know how to blog for success? Are you a programmer? If you meet all these requirements and also give you time to manage your own business, chapó. But in 99.999% of cases, it is not. Consequently, it is best to have an external agency.

The best marketing companies in Spain have a multidisciplinary team in which each of the members is a specialist in a specific field. And you, without the need to have all these professionals on staff, can take advantage of their good work and knowledge to improve the results of your company.

“Very well, you have convinced me. And now? What agency should I hire? There are hundreds… ”So that you don’t have to eat too much, here is a list of some of the most prestigious in our country.

The best digital agencies

-Marketing Paradise

“We design digital strategies to achieve ambitious goals.” The motto of this digital agency defines a whole philosophy. Working with these marketing professionals means having a whole group of specialists in different fields (SEO, Adwords, content, social networks, web design …) at the service of your company. Also, if something characterizes them is the proximity, the good treatment and good vibes. High level of specialization, great team.

-Good Rebels

With this agency that calls itself a rebel, you can carry out auditing, e-commerce, social media or content management work. Its objective is to focus on people and satisfy the needs of users.

-Havas Media

Working with an agency that has done work around the world provides certain guarantees. With them, in addition to Big Data or programming services, you can also generate top-quality audiovisual content. Ideal for multinationals.

-Flat 101

The CRO is the strong point of this group of professionals. They have worked with big companies like Bershka or ABC to help them make the definitive leap into the online era.


Its minimalist and clean lines style translates into ideas as simple as effective. They have worked with companies such as Iberia or Centros Único, for which they generated valuable digital proposals.

Characteristics of the best marketing companies

-Team of specialized profiles

One cannot know everything. The higher the specialization of the professionals of digital marketing companies, the better their results will be. If you find an agency in which the same person is responsible for both SEO and content and social networks, be suspicious .

-Success stories to teach

It is not a question of boasting, it is a question of guarantee of success. The agencies expose their old works to make you understand what they can do for you. Plus, you can even call the companies the team has worked with and ask for first-hand referrals.

-Good attention and communication with you

Essential! Any of the digital marketing agencies in Spain that you want to have must work closely with your project. In this way, you will take full advantage of the combination of your knowledge of your sector and theirs on the digital world. For this reason, there should not only be professionalism, but closeness, good treatment and fluid communication.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the need to report on the results that the strategies are having. This way you can reach agreements on the changes necessary to improve results. If your agency does not send you periodic reports on the progress of the actions that are being carried out, bad luck.

-Specialization in digital marketing

Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up. If a company is dedicated to both online and offline marketing or branding… what exactly is it specialized in? The best thing if you want 100% effective results in the digital field is to have a specialized team in this sector.

And now … what is the next step? Well, jump in the pool, that simple. Search among the best digital marketing agencies the one that has the most affinity with your project and … go for the users! There is a whole market waiting for you behind the screens of mobiles, tablets and computers. Seize it.

Why bet on digital marketing

Do you use internet Your clients too. The first thing you should understand is that for users everything that does not have an online presence does not exist. Starting from this basis, betting on a marketing consultant has many advantages.

First, platforms like social media or search engine ads allow you to target your advertising and communications to just the right people who may be interested in your product. This level of segmentation was impossible in traditional channels. Furthermore, the measurement of the results of these actions is infinitely more reliable than in television or radio advertising. To all this we must add that direct interaction with the website or your company’s products is much easier than in other formats.

Growth Hacking is a term that all entrepreneurs should know perfectly if they want to increase their traffic and the number of clients.

It consists, basically, in making a brand grow through the least possible expenditure of resources; A start-up company cannot dedicate its income to a huge marketing campaign, but it can attract the public in other ways. Fortunately, by applying the right techniques, growth hackers will be successful at the task.

A growth hacker is not a salesperson, nor a programmer; his goal is for the company to win customers without major marketing campaigns

This is the name given to the employees who, within a startup, focus their objective on expanding the community in all possible ways. Sometimes it is necessary to redefine the products or the production chain so that they are more visible to the consumer, and attract their attention. These workers are versatile because they have knowledge of different areas, such as sales, programming or design.

The funny thing is how the average user is exposed to endless practices of this style without having realized it . Taking a look at the main Internet portals, such as social networks, streaming services or reservation websites, we found several techniques that can be applied to a startup:

Gamification. Something as subtle as a half-filled blue bar is all that LinkedIn needs to encourage users to fill in all the details in their profile. In this way, you get the maximum information from a person, while the user is satisfied.

Dropbox, for example, offers more storage capacity by completing a few tasks, such as installing the tool on your computer or sharing the link with friends. This process, gamification, is also very fashionable in marketing, and it seeks for a user to be the one to advertise a company, app or service through something similar to a reward game.

Freemium. Spotify is free for all users, but offers an exclusive content individualization service if a monthly fee is paid. This is an excellent way to "hook" and attract users: something free that happens to be better for a small price.

Letting the audience test our service also builds loyalty and offers reviews and opinions that not only help improve but expand business advertising. We find the freemium system on many platforms and programs.

Exclusivity . Continuing with the previous idea, the user likes to feel unique and special, so personalized invitations, customized discounts or even emails with his name will make the difference.

Large platforms such as Facebook or the now-defunct Tuenti used this system to become popular: only a profile could be created who had received a previous invitation.

Emergency marketing. Every time we book a hotel on Booking we read, in red letters and surrounded by exclamations, the same phrase: «fast! the offer is about to run out. This simple system, long used in offline marketing, also works on the Internet.

If a user feels that an offer will end quickly, they will have a greater tendency to buy than if they know that it will last a couple of days. Remembering the available places, including a timer to finish the discount, are small tricks to encourage a user to become a customer.

Although these are measures that work, the growth hacker is creative enough to determine where the strengths and weaknesses of a service come from, and how he can surprise the audience and viralize his product without spending a lot of money.

Brands have in advertising through online video a very direct opportunity to reach their audience and achieve their goals. According to the 2018 Annual Online Video Study , carried out by IAB Spain, 95% of Internet users aged 16 to 65 in Spain, just over 24 million users, regularly consume videos on the Internet.

69% of people who have seen online advertising remember it

The report indicates that the advertising campaigns that are developed in this type of content are more effective. Respondents accept advertising in exchange for viewing free online content, and that advertising would prefer to be viewed in pre-roll format.

It is an advertising format that encourages memory . 69% of respondents recall seeing online video advertising, and compared to traditional TV advertising, advertising in this type of media is perceived as less intrusive or annoying.

In addition, there is a significant change in mentality in the way users consume online video content. In fact, you are more predisposed to pay than a few years ago if the content is of quality.

50% of respondents would be willing to pay something to see a certain content (3.91 euros, on average), with video games being the category that would pay the most. At a monthly level, the scale ranges from 7 euros to 30 euros.

It should be noted that 16% of users have paid to watch video online, especially for consuming series, movies or sports. In 2015 the figure was 12%, so the increase is considerable.

Music (video clips, concerts …) and online series and movies are the most consumed content, especially among young people. Among the oldest Internet users, it is documentaries and news that occupy the first place.

By sex, the consumption of sports broadcasts and adult content predominates among men, while cooking and beauty topics are the ones that most interest women Internet users.

The preferred device for viewing content online is the desktop or laptop, followed by the mobile phone. On average, 23% of the content consumed is live and 77% delayed.

In addition, there is more and more interaction with online content, up to 25% more than a year ago. Mainly, users do so to express their opinion, with Internet users between 16 and 24 years of age being the most likely to comment.

It has been slow to arrive, but there was no doubt that the summer would end up appearing and the high temperatures will make us forget the complaints during the days of rain and instability that have characterized spring.

It is convenient to be prepared for when the days of maximum heat arrive and to have been far-sighted choosing a good air conditioner and, if you already have one installed, carrying out a good conservation throughout the year so that when temperatures rise we can have our house fresh and with a pleasant atmosphere.

In the first case, if we have to buy a new air conditioner, choosing the equipment with the best quality price is essential. Many times, due to ignorance, the user is carried away by the best-known brands, some of which may have a good reputation in other types of household appliances, but perhaps they are not the most appropriate in terms of home refrigeration.

Other times, price is the main factor when deciding on one team or another … and even the precipitation or the reduced availability of models when the heat hits, which makes you choose the model "left" in the store.

To avoid this, it is advisable to be proactive and have the equipment at home when the heat arrives, and choose one whose price is adjusted but also has the best quality. An interesting option for this summer is the equipment from the GREE brand domestic range, which although it may not be among the ones with the best-known name, is the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners and air conditioners and sells one in every three equipment that is sold. commercializes in the world.

GREE teams stand out for offering technologically advanced solutions at a very competitive price. Its carefully designed Split Console can be controlled even via Wi-Fi via a mobile phone or a Tablet, it is very quiet and allows you to save energy and be more efficient at home.

On the other hand, if you already have an air conditioning equipment, it is important to carry out its proper maintenance, something to keep in mind for the new equipment if you are thinking of purchasing one.

Among the advantages of good air conditioning maintenance is that of extending the useful life of the equipment, but also improving the quality of the indoor air that is breathed in the home.

In addition, keeping the equipment properly maintained will reduce allergens and bacteria in the air, increase the performance of the air conditioning system and, in addition, save time and money, increasing the energy efficiency of the installation.

Therefore, we share the following infographic, which offers the basic points of good maintenance of air conditioning equipment:

Over the past year, advertising investment in digital media grew 9%. These figures place the total investment in this type of environment at 31% of the total advertising «cake», which is close to the total of conventional media such as TV, to which a share of 38.9% belongs.

Investment in digital media advertising increases by almost 10 percentage points from 2016 to 2017

The data, published by IAB Spain, shows that the total investment in digital advertising in our country was 1,708 million euros in 2017. This rise represents a penetration of 31% with respect to total advertising investment, placing this type of advertising in the second place, only behind television.

The sectors in which more has been invested have been automotive (25.3%), retail (10.5%) and food and beverages (9.8%), and the brands that invested the most were El Corte Inglés, Grupo Vaesa and Renault.

Another novelty is the increase in multi-device campaigns, which are around 90%. This means that advertising campaigns are designed thinking of mobiles, tablets and computers at the same time, instead of focusing only on a single device.

The advertising that is displayed based on the searches made by users, known as «search», is the advertising that is invested the most . It constitutes 51% of the total investment, which represents 871 million euros.

Display advertising, that is, advertising displayed in the form of banners, is in second place. This variant occupies 80% of the investment in conventional formats, and takes 35.5% of the total investment in digital advertising in all its formats.

Finally, audiovisual advertising accounts for 10% of the digital advertising investment in our country, with In Stream formats being the most used (73.6%) compared to Out Stream (26.3%).

On the other hand, investment in Digital Signage , which represents 2.7% of the total, has increased 60% compared to the previous year, which is a very significant increase. This type of advertising consists of the emission of digital content through screens, touch panels or totems, which are generally located near the point of sale.