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LinkedIn is testing a new feature that alerts users to acquire the skills that are most in demand in their industry lately.

The feature allows users to find which companies they are hiring with that skill in mind

In this way, LinkedIn would act as a "coach" and help improve and complete the curriculum, guiding each one according to what is being demanded the most when it comes to hiring employees in a reliable way.

Thanks to the data shared by the more than 530 million members that the platform has, 10 of them in our country, LinkedIn can get a pretty good idea of why some users find jobs before others despite having the same level curriculum, or what small elements make one profile stand out above another.

For this reason, and putting all this data analysis to the benefit of the user, the LinkedIn function will also allow us to know which companies are the ones that are hiring through that specific skill that we lack, to assess if we are interested in adding it to our list of capabilities. or not.

Once the user receives the notification, the company encourages them to learn more about the skill and, if one is available related to the subject, will offer them to do one of the free LinkedIn courses that it sometimes offers.

The new functionality, which will arrive in a few weeks, can be a good strategy if we have our sights set on the candidacy of a certain company: knowing what requirements they value as exactly as on LinkedIn can help us apply for employment.

Twitter is testing a new feature that will make life easier for many Community Managers. Without the need for third-party applications, when writing a tweet, values appear next to each hashtag, indicating the number of times it has been used in the last hour.

The function only appears when writing a tweet and not when reading the list of hashtags that are circulating outside the editor

Not much is known about the tool, which has been discovered when analyzing a Twitter video, and at the moment it seems that it is only being tested. It is a function that can go unnoticed but that contributes a lot to a strategy through the social network.

It seems that this new approach to the impact that a certain topic is having on Twitter will only be shown when writing a new message and not in the Explore section, where the hashtags that are trending at the time appear.

A few months ago Twitter announced the arrival of calendars that are also aimed at Community Managers. Thus, each month, the platform allows you to download the calendar with important or notable dates for certain businesses, parties and times when a brand can take advantage of it through the social network, so that they are prepared and finalize their content plans. .

The importance of advertising on the platform is key, and for it to be used effectively, companies must also have tools at their disposal to know what hashtag to incorporate into their strategy or how the usual one is working for the public.

With the end of the year, the time to take stock in the universe of social networks is approaching. We have been paying attention to aspects such as the most used hashtags in 2017 on Instagram or the most retweeted tweets of the year for a few days, and today we are going to focus again on the microblogging network to see who are the Spaniards who have the most followers on his Twitter account at the end of 2017.

Singers and footballers top the list of the 10 most followed Spaniards on Twitter, always with the permission of El Rubius, who also sneaks into the classification

1.Andrés Iniesta @ andresiniesta8 (20.3 million). The undisputed champion is Andrés Iniesta. He may not be the most international Spaniard, but the footballer who gave Spain the Soccer World Cup with his goal in the World Cup in South Africa also leads the list of the most followed nationals in the microblogging network.

2.Alejandro Sanz @AlejandroSanz (18.5 million). Singer Alejandro Sanz has the largest community of followers on Twitter among all Spaniards who are dedicated to music.

3.Gerard Piqué @ 3gerardpique (17 million). Another footballer, and also from FC Barcelona, occupies the third position in the top of the most followed Spaniards on Twitter.

Along with them three, other singers, footballers and a well-known youtuber complete the ranking of the 10 Spaniards with the most followers in the microblogging network. They are as follows:

4. Rafa Nadal @RafaelNadal 15,1M

5. Enrique Iglesias @enriqueiglesias 13.9M

6. Sergio Ramos @SergioRamos 13.2M

7. Xabi Alonso @XabiAlonso 11.6M

8. Carles Puyol @ Carles5puyol 10.6M

9. The Rubius @ Rubiu5 10.5M

10. David Bisbal @davidbisbal 9.85M

Christmas is approaching and the bridge of the Constitution has traditionally served to kick off the Christmas spirit in most of the houses in Spain.

Lights, nativity scenes, Christmas trees, everything begins to dust these days. In the event that we want to modernize our festive decoration somewhat and we do not know where to start, here we leave a few ideas from the hand of Instagram accounts that focus on showing a different touch to the same Christmas elements.

Lights, colored balls, tinsel … Everything ready to start Christmas decorations in our homes

@dreamywhiteslifestyle   He has more than 215,000 followers and a consistent tone in his white and green photos. Trees and snow are part of the essence of this account that can help us decide to change the strident colored tinsel for a more natural one.

My daughter @carr_bethany made this sweet gingerbread village last year. Bethany downloaded the templates from @betterhomesandgardens website. The wool dryer balls are from the sweet @modernwool The fresh wreath is from @wintersteenfarms

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@thethankfulfarmhouse is a mother of two children whose home is, all year round, designed to take advantage of the Christmas holidays. A fireplace in which messages of love, happiness and gratitude always hang presides over the images of this account, a great inspiration to decorate our living room these days.

A little throwback from Christmas 2016! As you can see I like to keep it traditional- I'm red and green all the way! I do love seeing non traditional colors used in Christmas decor too. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of blush / pink tones this year and I can't wait! I love it all! #holidays #holidayseason #holidaydecor #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #homedecor #housebeautiful #betterhomesandgardens #bhgcelebrate #bhgcolor #cottagesandbungalows #countryliving #countrylivingmag #americanfarmhousestyle #myhousebeautiful #mypotterybarn

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@inspiredbycharm Michael is a blogger who focuses on Christmas decorations of all kinds. Cheerful colors, candles, elegant monochrome balls or with shades of red … It also includes, from time to time, images of its Christmas recipes. So, in addition to getting inspiration when decorating, we may end up trying one of their desserts.

Do you all remember the colorful Christmas garland I ran down the banister of my stairs last year? 🌈 It will forever be one of my favorite holiday decorations. What's your favorite thing to decorate for Christmas? Search “Holiday Home 2016” on the blog to see more of it. . . . . #IBCholiday #christmasdecorations #holiday #rainbow #abmlifeiscolorful #abmhappylife #abmholidayspirit #imsomartha #bhgcelebrate #bhghome #cldecor #interiordesign #huffpostgram #smploves #sodomino #studiodiymoreismore

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@kelleynan Millennial pink is a trend at Christmas, too, and Kelley Nan is a good example of this. White and silver have a presence in his Instagram posts, and looking at his photographs, he wants the parties to last all year.

A little peek of the tree that almost wasn't. Ultimately, she decided to "get dressed" 😉 I'll be sharing it all when my home tour launches on Thursday (I hope 😂). Tree can be found on my site under shop- my instagram (Tap this photo), or here: #liketkit @ # ltkhome. . . . #christmasmood #christmastree #christmasdecor #christmasspirit #christmasiscoming #icantwaittodecorate #bhg #mybhg #housebeautiful #myhousebeautiful #bhgcelebrate #apartmenttherequest #weatherhyster # # #ohchristmastree

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@clareandgracedesigns This mom creates diverse corners of inspiration while caring for her two young daughters. Red and white, their favorite colors, give the account a feeling of warmth that we may want to reproduce in our own home.

We made it to Friday y'all! What a great week it has been for us. I am so grateful for everyone's sweet words and messages who have taken the time to read my blog. I am so appreciative for every single comment and DM I have received. Y'all are the best! ❤️ I'll be in crazy mom pack mode for the next day as we leave for DISNEY WORLD on Sunday! I haven't packed a thing yet and usually by now I would have had everything packed and ready to go. But Christmas decor came first 😂. Any last minute suggestions for Disney please send me to DM! Have a great night! . . You can also now get this “fa la la” pillow and everything else in Kendra's @linenandivory shop 30% off now through Monday with code SHOPEARLY30 ❤️❤️. Don't forget my BLOG link is now in my profile. I'll be sharing a fun DIY on Monday that is perfect for the holiday season! . . #thecoziestchristmas #merrymerrydecor #myspacethroughtheholidays #decorationforallseasons #decordiorloveschristmas #mymerryhome #keepcalmandlovechristmas #merrymondaydecor #myhollyjollychristmasdecor #weadoreholidaydecor #mydarlingholidaydwelling #mydarlingholiday #southerncharmholiday #wowusholidaydecor #farmhouseatchristmas #mybhghome #southernlivingmag #countrylivingmag #myfavpicfriday #bhghome

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They are a classic every end of the year and are already available again. If you are an Instagram user, you may have seen that some of your contacts have shared their 9 best photos of 2017, those that have obtained the most "likes" on the social application, using the hashtag # 2017bestnine .

If you also want to show your followers which have been your 9 most popular photos on Instagram in this year that is about to end, watch out, because we are going to tell you what you must do to generate this mosaic with the photos that have worked best for you in the social app in 2017.

To generate the mosaic with the 9 best photos you must access an external website to Instagram

To get the mosaic with the 9 best Instagram photos of your account, you just have to access this website and enter your username. Actually, you can include the name of the user you want, since they do not ask for credentials, in case you want to see the 9 best Instagram photos of a friend or whatever.

Let's keep going. Once the username is entered, the application accesses the profile and generates the mosaic. It may take a little while. In fact, a message appears indicating that it usually takes about 10 minutes for the mosaic to appear due to the high demand that they are experiencing on these dates.

Don't despair, it usually takes less time. Once ready, the mosaic appears in two different versions. One shows a counter that indicates the number of images published on Instagram in 2017 and the total number of “likes” received throughout the year. The other version only shows the 9 best photographs.

The photo with the 9 best Instagram photos cannot be shared directly from this website in the photography app. You will have to save the image on your mobile phone -or on your computer- and, from there, upload it to your Instagram account.

As a suggestion, you can use the hashtag # 2017bestnine when sharing it as it is the tag that all users are using when publishing their tiles. And … by the way, do not stop following our account on Instagram.

Facebook has to make it easy for video creators. Since the launch of Facebook Watch, which has not yet arrived in Spain but has been in the United States for a few months, the platform needs users to feed the new application with content . And for this, it now offers a wide range of music and sounds for free, to make it easier for them to make their creations.

The music and sounds list will be available to all creators of Facebook and Instagram

Following in the footsteps of YouTube, which also offers a list of copyrighted songs and effects, Facebook aims to stimulate the production of content that does not violate its own policies.

The creators often use songs that are fashionable, catchy … and have rights in their videos. That implies that Facebook would automatically delete that video: but Facebook Watch needs to get content little by little.

That creators now have a way to personalize their content without incurring one of the most careful restrictions of almost all platforms does not necessarily indicate that users are leaving YouTube to switch to Watch, but it does offer a viable alternative for those who want try and start on the road.

Big YouTube names will move only if the audience does, and for now that's what Facebook Watch is missing. At the time when it is also launched to the European public, the doors will open for new users and for new faces and content.

There are more than 1,000 audio tracks and 1,500 sound effects that Facebook now makes available to users, who can also use them when recording videos for Instagram. They will be available in the next few days for all creators and the list can be found here.

A rumor that has never materialized in certainty is that of YouTube launching a music service in the style of Spotify or Apple Music. It seems, however, that in 2018 we will see how a new competitor emerges for these two platforms.

Remix, as the platform will be called, will offer music and video clips at the same time

YouTube once had a music service that did not work, Music Key , like YouTube Red. In addition, Google, parent of the platform, also already has a music store, Google Play Music, since 2011, so the birth of the A new service must have sufficient attractiveness to overcome all this existing offer.

The music market is going to continue to grow very rapidly in the coming years, so perhaps YouTube's decision has more to do with the economic factor than with adding a new player to an already sufficiently full board. According to Goldman Sachs, by 2030 the streaming music industry will bill more than $ 28 billion a year .

One of the strengths of the YouTube streaming music service is undoubtedly the audiovisual support for the songs. Hours and hours of video accumulate on the platform as a perfect complement to numbers one and hits of all time.

Internally, the new Google product is known as « Remix «, and a launch surrounded by artists of the highest level is expected, although the date is not confirmed yet.

Although it is a business on the rise, the fact that large companies want to be part of the same exclusivity service makes licensing by distributors and artists very difficult.

Something similar to what is happening with the arrival of Disney's next audiovisual streaming service: his films, until now, could be found in the Netflix offer, which will run out of them from next year.

The new year may come with a substantial change as far as emojis are concerned. In addition to continuing to expand in terms of themes, it seems that in 2018 we will be able to rotate our emojis when sending them.

The possibility of changing the direction of the emojis could create problems of understanding between the two main operating systems

According to Emojipedia, Unicode has just proposed an update that would allow our icons, sent to support written messages and give nuances, to change direction.

But this does not imply that we could achieve the change: it is the technological giants like Apple or Google that have to provide their operating systems with the real capacity to turn emojis.

Thus, even if Unicode makes the address change available, iOS and Android users may encounter problems in sending these icons in the opposite direction if one of the two systems has not yet adapted its keyboard to the new changes.

This change registered by Unicode comes after this year being able to choose the direction of the emoticons has turned out to be the most popular demand to the company.

And if, as it seems, Unicode always listens to user requests, then it's worth taking a look at this year's most popular ones to get an idea of where the path of these emoticons may be headed in the coming 2018 .

Unicode has been compiling the lawsuits, and among the most recurring we find bald, red-haired or afro-haired emojis; a yellow emoticon celebrating a party or the mythical traditional Italian gesture of uniting the fingers and slightly moving the wrist.

In addition to this, probably in 2018 we will also see kangaroos, sloths, a broom, a Hindu temple, the symbol of infinity that millennials put in fashion a few years ago, and the transgender, Texas or Catalan flags.

What have we Spanish been talking about this year that is about to end on Twitter? There have been some themes that have polarized the conversation, but one stands out above all: politics.

The country's political situation has been the most commented this year on the microblogging network in Spain in 2017. Twitter has become the perfect forum to share opinions and try to mobilize the masses to support different ideas. So much so, that seven of the 10 most mentioned accounts this year on the platform are politicians, parties or politicians.

Seven of the 10 most mentioned accounts on Twitter are political

The most mentioned person on Twitter in 2017 has been Carles Puigdemont, so if you have tagged him in a message and he has not answered you, do not take it wrong. It has been, by far, the one who received the most mentions throughout the year on Twitter.

The Catalan independence process has marked the national political agenda this year and has also caused other politicians to be the most mentioned on Twitter. Pedro Sánchez, Mariano Rajoy and Pablo Iglesias are in sixth, seventh and ninth places, respectively. Gabriel Rufián , meanwhile, closes the table in 10th place.

Better placed is the PSOE, whose account has been the fifth most mentioned throughout the year and the Popular Party, in eighth position.

Curiously, positions 2 to 4 are the only ones that are not filled by political issues. In second place is the profile of the National Police and fourth, the Civil Guard .

Even more surprising is the third place in the ranking of the most mentioned on Twitter in Spain this year. It is the musical group BTS who holds this position. Did you know them? His messages on the microblogging network are the most retweeted in Asia, but the success that his tweets have in Spain and how much they are mentioned on Twitter are also surprising in some way…

If you want to know what the most retweeted messages of the year have been and who are the Spanish with the most followers in 2017 on Twitter, be sure to see the other summary articles that we have prepared. And here you have the top 10 of the most mentioned accounts, linked in case you want to visit them easily …

1.- @KRLS

2.- @policia

3.- @BTS_twt

4.- @guardiacivil

5.- @PSOE

6.- @sanchezcastejon

7.- @marianorajoy

8.- @PPopular

9.- @Pablo_Iglesias_

10.- @gabrielrufian

Yes, the summary video of the year on Facebook is here again and it is possible that you have already seen the one of your friends on the social network and that you still do not have yours … do you want to know how to create your Facebook summary video?

Normally, it will be available in your account in the next few days. When Facebook has it created, it adds a warning to the beginning of the user's timeline indicating that it is ready. Facebook is the first one that wants you to see it and share it, because in the end it is a way to achieve more time for the user to stay on the social network.

The video summary of the year on Facebook generates up to 50% more interactions at this time of year

What happens is that Facebook begins to deploy this functionality in a staggered way. First, only a few users have access to their summary video with the best images of their year on Facebook.

It does it for a technical reason, because it cannot process all the contents at once and, as when launching a new function, it is gradually implementing it in the more than 2,000 million active accounts on the social network.

But there is also another reason: this generates more interest and expectation. There are many users who, seeing that other friends already have their summary of the year, want to receive theirs as well, and they despair …

There is a way to access the summary video of the year on Facebook if the social network does not yet show us the message that it is ready. It would be entering this URL ( from which the user can create their video.

Once you have shown the video, you just have to click on "Share" if you want to show it to your friends and, after selecting the audience for the publication, you only have to click on "Publish".

If you are not entirely satisfied with the personalized video that Facebook has prepared for you , you can modify it to add other publications that you have made on the social network this year (photos, videos …) or in which your friends have tagged you.

In any case, accessing the aforementioned URL is not infallible, since if the social network has not previously processed the user's images, videos and publications, what appears is a message indicating that the video summarizes the year on Facebook not ready.

You should not despair, because the Facebook summary video will be ready in a matter of hours or a few days, but some may be impatient and are looking for how to create their Facebook summary video over and over again.

Be that as it may, at the end we all have our summary video of the year on Facebook and we end up tiring our friends with its publication. It is curious how these features, of which everyone ends up complaining, are the most popular.

According to Facebook data, the interactions on the platform reach an increase of 50% in these dates with the launch of the annual summary video. And you, do you already have it? If you do not have it yet, remember that you can access the summary of your year on Spotify, which is already implemented for all users.