All Apple news announced at WWDC 2019

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Apple has celebrated the opening day of the WWDC 2019 developer conference in California. Led by its executive director, Tim Cook, the WWDC has served to announce endless innovations for all Apple devices, including the new version of iOS, iOS 13; the new macOS, which will be called Catalian and will dispense with iTunes, as previously anticipated; the new Mac Pro, and a display to serve as a companion, the Pro Display XDR.

The incorporation of the night mode in iOS, the disappearance of iTunes, and the new iPad home screen are some of the newest changes

-Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR

Mac Pro is back in 2019 and has been modernized. The new Mac Pro includes a screen and comes with its own modular tower to which you can put and remove elements, such as the graphics card.

The CPU of the Mac Pro is an Intel Xeon with up to 28 cores. Its RAM is 6 channels, it has 12 DIMM slots and it would allow up to 1.5 terabytes of memory.

The much-rumored 32-inch HDR screen is a reality, and Apple is trying to replace benchmark monitors with this model. The Pro Display XDR monitor has a resolution of 6,016 x 3,384, a 10-bit panel, better viewing angles, and a wide range of blue LEDs with lenses and local dimming.

-macOS Catalina

The new version of macOS, the Mac operating system, is called Catalina. Among its innovations, Apple has highlighted the replacement of iTunes with a new application called Music, a less invasive iPhone integration and a Podcast app with indexing and Apple TV with compatibility with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

In addition, it will have a new app called Sidecar that allows using the iPad as a secondary screen, new voice commands that increase accessibility, and Proyect Catalyst, a plan that will allow the development of universal applications that work on both iOS and macOS.

-iPadOS, the new iPad operating system

A major change is coming in the iPad, so much so that it will change your home screen. Multitasking will now be more complete, although there is still no more traditional computer-style window system.

It will be possible to open two instances of the same application, for example, having the Word application open twice and having two documents open at the same time.

The Files application will work like a more traditional file explorer, like a computer's, and will be able to recognize external and USB hard drives.

The Safari web browser will allow displaying the desktop version of most web pages, which will allow webapps like Google Docs to work better. And there will also be a download manager.

-News for iPhone with iOS 13

The new operating system for iPhone, which is no longer for iPad, is loaded with new features. First of all, iOS will incorporate night mode, a feature highly demanded by users. The company has also promised to make all phones faster : from FaceID, the iPhone's facial unlocking system, which will be 30% faster, to a 50% increase in the download speed of apps and 60% in the updates. Virtually all Apple apps for iOS have received new options, be it changes to the text size for Safari or more information for the Maps app.

One of the most striking changes affects the safety of users. Apple will launch a button to log in with their own credentials instead of Google or Facebook. The promise: less user tracking and less marketing of your data. Even in those cases in which the user does not want to share their data with certain applications, Apple will create false email accounts.

The iOS 13 camera app gains many improvements, both when it comes to treating images and videos, since it will now be possible to edit them more in-depth without the need for a third-party app.

-Apple Watch and WatchOS 6

Among the innovations related to the Apple wrist device, the incorporation of the App Store stands out , which finally reaches the clock and will allow you to install applications directly from the device. On the other hand, Apple Watch will have new covers to show the time, both inspired by modern and classic designs. One of them follows the passing of the hours together with the Sun, for example.

Apple Watch will receive various apps, such as calculator or voice recorder, as well as audiobooks. The health services of the clock will also be given a tour, in which it will be possible to make long-term performance comparisons to better measure how your life habits change: how much you move, how long you stand, how much exercise you do, if you do more or less in total, etc.

Finally, Apple will implement a monitoring system for menstrual cycles for women and also an app to measure ambient noise.